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  • Written by Angela Devine
  • Art by Nasuno Amano
  • To attend her sister’s wedding, Claire returns home to Tahiti after six long years. What awaits her is her first love, Alain,...
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  • [Sneak Peek]HOT AND BOTHERED
  • Written by Jo Leigh
  • Art by Masako Ogimaru
  • Lee despairs that she’ll never meet the right man, since she seems to have a knack for dating all the wrong men. But maybe sh...
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  • Written by Jessica Steele
  • Art by Amie Hayasaka
  • Kimberley just lost her father. And on top of having no family left, she is still hurting from her recent breakup with her fi...
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  • Written by Kim Lawrence
  • Art by Ao Chimura
  • Four years ago Lucy, a world-famous model, vanished from sight. Now she lives in the scorching land of Andalusia, where she d...
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  • [Sneak Peek]THRILL ME
  • Written by Isabel Sharpe
  • Art by Reiko Kishida
  • Accused of being boring when she was dumped by her boyfriend, May decided to prove the world wrong by accepting a rich man’s ...
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