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  • [Sneak Peek]SILENT DESIRES
  • Written by Julie Kenner
  • Art by Banana Sarusuberi
  • Joan works at a struggling used book store in New York City where she’s grown increasingly obsessed with a sensual classic erotic novel about a young woman’s passion for a sexy man with a piercing gaze. One day, a strong, tall, gorgeous man who looks as...
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  • Written by Susanne McCarthy
  • Art by Shion Hanyu
  • Model Alysha has been selected to become the face of a major cosmetics company’s new campaign. When it turns out that the campaign’s renowned photographer is Ross, she is forced to confront an unpleasant memory from five years ago. Back then, Alysha was...
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  • [Sneak Peek]JUNGLE FEVER
  • Written by Jennifer Taylor
  • Art by Fusako Wazumi
  • Gabrielle, the granddaughter of a multi-millionaire, has had it with waiting around. Under the blazing hot sun in the Amazon ...
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