Virgin Slave, Barbarian King 1

Historical Virgin Slave, Barbarian King 1

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Virgin Slave, Barbarian King 1

The beginning of the fifth century—the flourishing Roman Empire has been attacked by the Visigoths and is becoming a lawless state. Julia, the daughter of an aristocrat, escapes the chaos and conflagration that fills the town—but is then captured by the mob. A strong Visigoth man accompanied by a wolf saves her at the last minute. The man with the long blond hair is Wulfric, the King of Wolves! Julia thanks him, but he only takes her in his arms and says, “Rome is ours. And so are you.” Julia is abducted as a slave! A historical epic of love and fate!

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editor's comment - March 21st, 2014

A historical epic of love and fate!
There are two episodes of Virgin Slave, Barbarian King. In the first episode, the heroine's childish and na?ve irritated me. But gradually I started to cheer for her powerful and unchanging spirit to hero.You must read episode two as well. There are more sweet scenes in episode 2.

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Beautiful picture and great story. I love it so much. 5  5

Hero and heroin is just a human being. Love comes from understanding and courage.

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Title of Irony 5  5

The title, "Virgin Slave, Barbarian King" makes a person think that the girl is going to be a soft and wimpy thing and the guy is going be a total beef head with no sense. So the opposite and a good thing. The Heroine: Julia does come off as a bit spoiled in the first 20 pages, but I wouldn't want to be kidnapped and forced away from my family. One of my favorite moments in the book is when Wulfric asks for hot water, she throws freezing cold water instead. I laughed so much, I went over the page again and again. She is brave and doesn't take crap. She is also adaptable to things. Instead of being sad and moping, she works hard at the tasks she is given. It's fun to watch her and Wulfric. The Hero: Wulfric has a lot on his plate. We get the rare opportunity to see from the perspective of the Hero. I loved reading him getting flustered when Una confronts him about the hair when he thinks it's about the kiss. Then there is also when Julia doesn't clean his tent. Although, he isn't a bad guy. He is actually really nice to the people around him. He teaches Julia the language. It is really good to read.

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