Her Sheikh Boss

Pure Romance Her Sheikh Boss

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Her Sheikh Boss

Claudia is a hardworking personal secretary, working 24/7 for her arrogant boss, Samir, the CEO of a shipping company. The only reason she is so devoted to her work is that she is in love with her boss, who, despite his arrogance, is very charming. One day, Samir gives an unexpected gift to Claudia, who has been working so hard that she forgot her own birthday. The gift is an order to join him on a business trip to his home country in the desert. Is it going to be a romantic getaway for just the two of them? Or will it all fall apart when she finds out that he is a sheikh who is already engaged?

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editor's comment - September 16th, 2016

Claudia is so adorable and I like how devoted she is in her work. Although her boss, Samir never seen her as a lady , he appreciates her effort and even bought her flowers for her birthday.

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his wife or secretary 2  2

I don't know what it's like to work as the CEO's personal secretary but I count myself as blessed if I look like the heroine looks like. The hero has driven the heroine to the brink of exhaustion with bags under her eyes the size and color of the dark moon. He has to be a sadist because when the heroine has finished working on a project for three days with no sleep, she would rather have gone on vacation or to sleep but the hero is yanking her back with a smile, saying to work harder. Then, he pulls this crap on how she so hard for them and dangles the carrot of vacation in his home nation and a 15% raise next month. The heroine thinks the world of it and goes on the vacation but receives a cold welcome from the servants and the hero's gandalf-faced father because she's a "foreigner" and a "woman". This is a horrible combination to be in their presence because the hero's French mother left them because she had such a hard time adapting into a different culture with no friend or anything. I remember as a teen trying to invite a Japanese student to a movie or lunch with just myself or with friends and they wouldn't go out. In fact, they were having such a hard time with the culture shock that they stayed in their room until it was time to go home. So, the heroine is given a warm welcome by the hero's sister who thinks little of her appearance (thank your sadistic brother for that) and bucket of cold water at her face when the hero tells her that they're there for his engagement party, something he thought he told the heroine but apparently didn't. Now, the heroine wants to go home since she has had a crush on the hero, which explains harsh servitude that she had done without compliant. Then she overhears the sister and father in their mother tongue, which she learned to speak, hear, and understand of how little they think of her. This vacation has turned such a bummer and it goes worse when the hero gets a call in the middle of his engagement party and has the heroine back at the screen, working at the computer. THIS WAS NO VACATION!!! This was just the hero keeping the heroine close for work again. Let's not forget the fiancée who's been ditched by her husband to be at their own engagement party.Then he takes her through the desert, despite his father objections (she likes it with taking pictures and conversing with the locals who like her so much that they dress her as one of them). Her new makeover makes the hero's heart go pitter patter and he wants it to stop. Then when they get to the villa, he has her go back to work again. Also, it's not just them, but the fiancee and her manservant who bring up the possibility that the heroine may one day get married and leave. The selfish hero thinks, "Oh no, I won't let that happen, I'll have her keep working for me." Then there's the kiss scene in the caves. This makes the hero panic because of his parent's relationship and thinks the heroine who be able to handle this lifestyle because she's a westerner. His solution: maintain a distance from the heroine and act like he doesn't care. Even when the heroine discovers the affair between the fiancee and her manservant. In fact, the only way for the hero to find out is when the fiancee and manservant come forward to reveal their feelings and plan to make a break for it. The hero overjoyed and gives them his blessing and participation to stall. This news brings the hero a chance to reveal his intentions of marriage to the heroine. Of course, that's after the business but he takes no time in calling off the engagement between himself and the fiancee. The father thinks it's all the heroine's fault and has her thrown out of the palace with the threat of bad things happening to her if she stays. However, she hides in the bushes and makes it in time for the big business meeting to secure a deal that the hero and the father have wanted for years, just when the hero reveals how important the heroine is to be at the business deal. The deal goes in favor of the hero who hugs the heroine and when she has a request, he says and I quote: "Do you want to make an organization chart for the new company? Of course you do." ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? You shouldn't be asking questions about giving the heroine more work but more benefits, higher wage, stock options, vacation, etc. Instead, you want to keep the heroine working like a dog. However, the heroine says she wants to quit and the hero refuses. The father chimes in, telling the hero to tell her go and how she has shamed their family and the fiancee's family. The hero finally tells the father how he's been acting as: a sexist and a bigamist. This is all said with an audience and the fiancee's father comes in to reveal that the fiancee and her manservant have eloped and it wasn't the heroine's fault at all. The father shrugs off, acting like he tired and walks away without even apologizing to the heroine. Then he sends the sister to say out his apology because he can't say it himself. The hero confesses that he's in love with the heroine and asks her to marry him with the option of working whenever she wants and go with him on travels. I didn't whether he was being serious on her managing her own hours or he was just trying another way of legally binding his capable secretary to him. The ending shows the beginning pages and then the wedding. However, I just was not loving the story.

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Good... but the art 3  3

I felt this harlequin was pretty good for the most part. The story was pretty good and the characters were decent. However, the art quality was all over the place. There were times when it was really great and other times where it was sloppy but it seemed intentional to show that the lead female was over worked. It would have been fine if that was it. However, later in the story when the lead female and male finally get together... it goes so sloppy for a couple panels that you cannot even really see what's happening... that's not okay or excusable in my eyes. I also didn't care too much for how the lead female was drawn. The lead male looked really good but the lead female looked way too young to be a career woman, judging by the face I'd say she looked to be about 15 years old at most. Despite my personal gripes It was a cute story and I am glad I read it.

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Quite pat plot 3  3

It's a nice story, but I'm a bit puzzled about a couple of things... First of all: at the very beginning the hero is a real workaholic and the heroine is a passive work-slave! Love is far away from them... Then, suddenly, he realizes he's in love with her because... He sees her wearing an Arabian dress!!! To me it sounds quite... unrealistic and strained! Then he still wants to marry his fiancée even when he discovers... Well, I don't want to spoil your reading, you'll find it out in the book... The question is: is this love really intense? Anyway... I rate 3 put of 5, but it should be 2.5...

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Great story 5  5

It was a little short but I had great time reading Her Sheikh Boss !

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