Pure Romance Her Sheikh Boss

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Her Sheikh Boss

Claudia is a hardworking personal secretary, working 24/7 for her arrogant boss, Samir, the CEO of a shipping company. The only reason she is so devoted to her work is that she is in love with her boss, who, despite his arrogance, is very charming. One day, Samir gives an unexpected gift to Claudia, who has been working so hard that she forgot her own birthday. The gift is an order to join him on a business trip to his home country in the desert. Is it going to be a romantic getaway for just the two of them? Or will it all fall apart when she finds out that he is a sheikh who is already engaged?

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editor's comment - September 16th, 2016

Claudia is so adorable and I like how devoted she is in her work. Although her boss, Samir never seen her as a lady , he appreciates her effort and even bought her flowers for her birthday.

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Good... but the art 3  3

I felt this harlequin was pretty good for the most part. The story was pretty good and the characters were decent. However, the art quality was all over the place. There were times when it was really great and other times where it was sloppy but it seemed intentional to show that the lead female was over worked. It would have been fine if that was it. However, later in the story when the lead female and male finally get together... it goes so sloppy for a couple panels that you cannot even really see what's happening... that's not okay or excusable in my eyes. I also didn't care too much for how the lead female was drawn. The lead male looked really good but the lead female looked way too young to be a career woman, judging by the face I'd say she looked to be about 15 years old at most. Despite my personal gripes It was a cute story and I am glad I read it.

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Quite pat plot 3  3

It's a nice story, but I'm a bit puzzled about a couple of things... First of all: at the very beginning the hero is a real workaholic and the heroine is a passive work-slave! Love is far away from them... Then, suddenly, he realizes he's in love with her because... He sees her wearing an Arabian dress!!! To me it sounds quite... unrealistic and strained! Then he still wants to marry his fiancée even when he discovers... Well, I don't want to spoil your reading, you'll find it out in the book... The question is: is this love really intense? Anyway... I rate 3 put of 5, but it should be 2.5...

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Great story 5  5

It was a little short but I had great time reading Her Sheikh Boss !

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