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Suspense Romance A Bride Worth Waiting for

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A Bride Worth Waiting for

Annie and Etienne meet each other working for a French winery. The two instantly fall in love, but Etienne is somehow caught up in violence and loses his life. Nine years later, Annie is the owner of a tearoom located in a small British town. She still holds her feelings for lost Etienne, but recently another man has started to approach her. He is Michael Harding, the bestselling author and landlord of Annie’s tearoom. Although he has been her landlord for years, Annie somehow has never met him in person. Michael looks nothing like the gentle Etienne Annie fell in love with 9 years ago. Yet somehow she sees the two men overlap….

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a tough one 4  4

This story was a really tough one for me because I wanted the hero to get back together with the one he loved but I understand why the heroine was so defensive to the hero, once she found out that he was alive and was lying about his name. It's no wonder she got him arrested on the account of kidnapping her son when her son ran to him. It only took a good hit from a tree to get the heroine to actually figure out that during their time together, he was undercover operation and couldn't reveal who he was to her because he was under oath and doing so would get him into a lot of trouble. It was a good read but it was hard to know who to side with.

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Worth reading, too 4  4

Nice story! Specifically, I've appreciated so much the hero's behaviour. He's fond of the heroine and so he's capable of long-lasting sacrificing himself for her sake. He's very romantic and protective. The heroine is a bit more 'flat', but she's good, too. Enjoyable reading!

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What a self sacrificing selfless male hero in a harlequin? Whaa 4  4

I come to read this title with very little expectation. But as it turns out, it was quite a refreshing read. Michael is just absolutely wonderful with borderline masochistic and selfless. There are some elements of the story that are too convenient for the plot but nevertheless, Michael's love for Annie is without a doubt a patient,giving and genuine one. Very nice.

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