Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife

Romance Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife

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Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife

Katie is a single mother with two twin babies. Having lost both her job and house, she decides to swallow her pride and ask the father of her twin children for help. Alexandros, the father, is a millionaire and president of a large bank. Katie loved him body and soul, yet he played with her feelings and dumped her in no time. It has been a year and a half since he dumped Katie, and he does not believe her words when she tells him about the children. Instead, he coldly tells her, "You need to get a DNA test. I'll take responsibilty if they are mine."

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3.3 regaining someone's trust 3  3

The heroine met the hero when she was working as his maid at his old castle. They had an affair that ended the minute the heroine said I love you. He disappeared without a word and she becomes a single mother to two rambunctious twin boys as well as on her last legs. The heroine tried to contact him and find him but she couldn't find him anywhere. She's being kicked out of her apartment, has no place to go, money is short, and she has no idea where the father is. That is till she's helped by a friend but she doesn't turn out to be much of a friend later on. She learns that the hero is a big tycoon with lots of money. Enough money to diapers for a lifetime but the friend suggest that the heroine sells a sob story to the paparazzi. Yet, she decides to see the hero about her financial problems. The hero sees the heroine and has his bodyguard pull her to the side. When she meets the hero, she confronts him about not getting her letters or phone calls but he says that he put her name on the list. However, he pulls up the DNA test but it makes the heroine angry over his statement. She's sent away but unfortunately, she's followed by the paparazzi rats who smell a story. The hero goes to the heroine's home, seeing the condition and makes some offers then pulls the heroine in for a passionate kiss. The next morning, the heroine is bombarded with reporters over a rejects their offers but her friend doesn't because like the heroine, she is a single mother and needs money as well. That pretty much screwed up of the already delicate relationship the heroine has with the hero who's ticked about the whole mess. He's not the only one because it's through the papers that the heroine discovers the hero was married and lost his wife one month before he met the heroine. Then when looking into their past, I wasn't impressed with the hero blackmailing the heroine for coitus because she act like a maid nor cooked properly. When the DNA got positive, the hero takes immediate control where the heroine has a hard time taking the wheel. They go back to his country where both she and the boys are warmly welcomed by the staff and hero's grandparents who took care of him. Apparently, his father played around and he wants to be a good father to his boys. Now, the heroine has to deal with him putting marriage on the deal but dealing with the image of being the 2nd wife to the hero when everyone around her says how the hero and the first wife were such a happy couple as well as how wonderful the wife was. they have their ups and down, one of them being who sleeps with who. Funny thing, the hero comes home ready to see the heroine but he finds the boys left alone and hears noise from the heroine's bedroom. He barges in, thinking the heroine is going at it with another man but it turns out to be the nanny who states the heroine went out. He fires the nanny and I agree because it doesn't matter if you have experience with kids from raising your siblings, your job is to watch the boys and not leave them to have a hankie pankie. The heroine comes back to find the guard worn out and the nanny fired. It's another fight of the hero pushing the heroine to marry him or fight for custody. Then the heroine's mother and stepfather come to visit and meet the hero' grandparents. She finds the portrait of the hero's wife gone and she marries him. Once the two are alone, the heroine pressures the hero about the first wife. He reveals that their marriage was based on a lie the dead wife conjured about being pregnant in order to make the hero take responsibility. When he found out after five years that there never was a child, he wanted a divorce. She then grew emotionally unstable, saying she loved and hated him at different times till she got high and drove herself off a cliff. In fact, the words, "I love you" was a phrase she said so many times that it became a curse to him. The two decide to make a fresh start and in the end, the hero is finally able to tell the heroine that he loves her.

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