Always the Groomsman

Pure Romance Always the Groomsman

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Always the Groomsman

Rebecca works as a wedding planner whose job is to help every bride find their happiness. Her work is top-notch, but her love life has remained inactive for two years. After being left by Ryan, the boyfriend she once passionately loved, she has been unable to get over him. And then one day, at a wedding she plans, Ryan shows up as the groomsman! Still having feelings for him, Rebecca finds her gaze constantly following him. “Ryan, why did you disappear that day?” Her desire for him grows stronger and stronger….

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what a wedding is 5  5

My goodness, this was the first harlequin comic I read with bridezillas in it. I was just shocked at this woman and her mother. They make haunted house look like bed and breakfast hostel to that wedding. The heroine is the coordinator of this wedding (my sympathies) and tries to make this the best wedding for her cousin at the screeching of that same cousin and whiny begging of her aunt. The heroine meets with the groom and one of his groomsmen who turns out to be the man who left the heroine two years ago. Their reunion with the heroine talking on the phone with another man leads the hero (the groomsman) to think it's her boyfriend (her other cousin). The heroine lies to him, by saying it's true because the last thing she wants is him knowing how hurt she was from their break up. I liked that we get a flashback to how the hero and heroine meet because of their differences of opinion when it comes to weddings and marriage. The heroine makes it her career because she believes in it from seeing her grandparents and the hero doesn't believe in it from seeing his parents. I like how we have different opinions of one topic, using the hero and heroine as their representatives. We also see from the heroine's perspective of what lead to their separation. Then we have to deal with the bridezilla's craziness and half of the time we see her is when she's in tears with a blood vessel popping out the side of her forehead. She gets upset of the silliest of things, like the one of the brides accidentally loses her dresses and the bridezilla thinks it was sabotage (wow....). Not only that, this wedding is more about the bride than about the bride AND the groom. For example, they have three parties before the actual wedding ceremony, all of them are about the bride like doing a party for the year she was born and the theme that the bride wants. None of it has the groom who simply looks forward to the happy future of married life with the bride. I felt sorry for the man because if the man tries to get drunk because he's miserable at the party before his marriage then everybody knows that the weddings is going to go south. I like how the hero and the heroine reconnect over the same topic. Then we get the not so big surprise: the groom has called off the wedding, which I say good because there was no way he was going to be happy. After that, the heroine and hero have their special moment and get married themselves in a simple and happy form. That is what I liked about this book because it brings up what is the true image of weddings: witnessing a representation of two people committing to each other in holy matrimony. It was a definite well done book.

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