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Romance Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child

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Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child

Why is he… Why is Luc Sabbatini here!? Two years ago, Luc - son of the famous hotel tycoon - used and dumped me, to him just nobody. He's reappeared in my life again and asked me out on a date by blackmailing me and exploiting his power. I thought I had no feelings left for Luc but…the little things he does have rekindled my blind heart. I have to be strong. I have a big secret, one he can never find out. If he does find out, there will be even worse misery than what happened two years ago.

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fine with faults. 3  3

It's an fine romance with its faults. The heroine and hero were in a relationship with its secrets like the hero never staying overnight. Then one day, the hero dumps the heroine but she discovers she's pregnant and tries to contact the hero, going as far as his house. Sadly, she gets the news that he's in the USA with his new girlfriend. The heroine plants her feet, has a baby girl, and gives up her dreams to become a ballerina and opens a ballet school. Imagine her surprise after two years, the hero pops in with a bouquet of roses thinking the heroine will take him back. I don't know what the hero was thinking because this is the same woman that when he broke up with her, he sent her a very expensive black opal that she sent back in a million pieces. What makes him thinks that she would go back to him so easy if she gave back the gem worth millions if in one piece now in a million pieces and worth nothing. He blackmails her to join him for dinner, using the suggestion of rising the rent on her studio if she doesn't come. Their dinner date goes hot and cold with the hero pulling back on his blackmail and only wants another chance with the heroine. This is where the heroine is found in fault because the hero sees the picture of the little girl and she lies about the age in order to keep him at bay. The hero decides to make amends by telling her his family history but a surprise visit from friends accidentally reveals the baby girl's actual age and the hero does the math. It's the usual fight with the hero wanting to see his baby girl and pulls the usual threats. So, the heroine takes him to see the baby girl and it's the usual "marriage is your only option". The mater is left open when the little girl cries and next morning, the heroine leaves the little girl with the hero to babysit and somehow the heroine agrees to the marriage. Finally, the hero reveals that the whole girlfriend thing in the USA was a lie because he was there for life-threatening brain surgery. It's why he never stayed over because the illness made him unconsciously break things and he didn't want to hurt her. He asks the heroine to forgive her and she does. It seems the two clear things up and reveal their true feelings of love to each other. We have an wedding and a happy ending.

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super drama -_- 1  1

too simple, if you got anything to do with leaving the woman you love you can all blame on the disease. simple. first the guy said he was having a brain surgery then hemorrhoids and last but not least, a COMA FOR 3 weeks, super great, i'm not recommending this. art is good but the plot is so simple I can't even enjoys it. not worth buying imho.

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Ever lasting love...! 4  4

Cute! I like this couple: he's cold (apparently, at least), but he actually loves her so deeply - she would like to take revenge on him, but... memories of their past love relationship are still vivid! At the end, everything will find an explanation and will be forgiven... And their new life will be able to begin! Art is very nice, too!

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