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Romance Mia's Scandal

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Mia's Scandal

When Mia turns twenty, she is told by her aunt that her real father is Oscar Balfour, the English billionaire. The people of the upper class are unfriendly to Mia when she moves in with the Balfours. Her father, concerned about her future, picks a wealthy Greek man, Nikos, to be her instructor. After enduring vicious abuse from him, Mia’s temper finally explodes—only to find Nikos suddenly grabbing her by the neck, drawing her so close she can feel his breath, and piercing her with a heated, suggestive gaze…

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ugly stepsister into a prince 3  3

The hero has been given the task of making a man who helped him in the past to make his illegitimate daughter independent, unlike his other children. The hero to help by having her work under him and becomes a pain in the neck for the heroine to deal with. His reason: be a jerk in order for the heroine to gain sympathizers and people who respect her because she doesn't run away and keep going. The heroine has no idea on the whole matter and wants only the acknowledgement of both hero and birth father. Then the hero learns of bitter truth of the heroine's past: her mother got pregnant by Oscar and her fiancée made her choose between him and the baby. The mother abandoned her child to live with the rich and only paid child support to her aunt (the heroine's aunt) until the heroine was 10 years old, never admitting she was her mother. I did find it amusing that the heroine compares the hero to her family's moody donkey and the hero comparing the heroine to a fickle stray cat. They go to a party where the heroine encounters a ticked businessman for making lose a deal with the hero's company( My opinion: if you want to do business with a rich man, be proper & don't make lewd propositions). She is able to get away but a little spill in the pool shows her character and she doesn't run away from the party. Later that night, the two of them have intercourse, which was the best night for the hero & heroine but the worst morning after because the hero concludes that this will force him to be married to the heroine, which he doesn't want. His conclusions and cold behavior to the heroine turn the whole morning to a sour note and they separate on bad terms. However, it turns out the heroine is pregnant and the hero is insistent on marrying for the baby's sake. This turns the heroine off and even though she doesn't agree to the marriage, they still go to Italy to talk to the heroine's aunt. Then when they go out to eat, they find themselves in the company of the birth mother who denies the heroine again and the husband who the hero (he earned a couple of brownie points from me) scolded for his poor behavior in making the birth mother choose between himself and her daughter. The whole encounter causes the heroine to realize that she doesn't want a loveless and faithless marriage, so she hot denies the hero and runs off. Now, the heroine's outburst causes the hero to reflect on his actions and he sees his errors. He goes to the heroine to explain that he might be in love with but doesn't know because he doesn't know love. It's here where the hero reveals his sad past to the heroine for the first time: his mother abused the little boy till Social Services to him to an orphanage where he did well until he was accused for a crime he didn't commit. This led him to a orphanage for bad boys and until he met the heroine's birth father, he was very mistrustful of other people. The two of them open their feelings to each and it was a nice ending but it would have been better if we saw the baby.

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