Pure Romance A Wedding In the Family

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A Wedding In the Family

Raised under her millionaire aunt, a young Woman named Lillian has grown up in high society. However, for some reason, her aunt has always ignored her, favoring her rambunctious younger sister. “There must be some reason why I'm always hated by everyone...” One day, her younger sister suddenly elopes with a cowboy! Ordered by her Aunt to bring her younger sister back, Lillian heads off by herself to Texas. Waiting to pick her at the airport is Rye, the older brother of her sister's lover. Although he has a charm not found in New York men, why does he have a prejudice that all city girls are stuck up and flamboyant?

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editor's comment - September 25th, 2015

The Heroine is a delicate and sensible lady who keeps feeling lonely in her family.
Then she meets this cowboy who looks at her with a stereotype. She can't stand it but she will know why with time spending at his house.
I really liked the last scene because he looks so sure of himself and he comes to save her.
The Heroine looks a little bit passive and too obedient to the circumstances but it's understandable because of her family and how she was being raised.

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dumb grandma and weak heroine. 2  2

I wasn't really big on the heroine because I know that she's been put down all her life by her grandmother, mother, sister, and the person she thought was her father but when she had people who cared about her for her, she should have told the grandma off that she was heading back. So, the heroine is sent by the domineering woman of a grandma to pull her selfish and crappy sister away from Texas and back to the civilized world high society. The heroine has no choice because she has no money of her own. She goes there and meets the hero who thinks she's just like her sister, bratty, spoiled, foul-mouthed, creature spawned by a witch. Well, not far off the mark, with how the grandmother acts. The heroine is nothing more than another punching bag for the sister who shouts at her, revealing that she's a product of an affair between their mother and another man. Then the brat steals a trucks, crashes it into the fence and garage door, injuring a poor dog, and drives off. The hero should have called the police and given them the license plate. That way, she would have to spend the night in jail. Instead, he unleashes the pain onto the heroine who tells the grandmother the news and asks if what the pratty sister said was true. The grandmother says that it's true and since the heroine failed to get the sister back, she kicked out of home and cut off from the family's money. The heroine is able to maintain that everything is fine to the hero until he finds her in the next town and learns of what really happened. So, he invites her to his home, where she receives a warm welcome from the occupants and has probably the next best weeks of her life with people treating her with kindness. Then she receives a call from the secretary to notify her of her grandmother's heart disease getting worse and she goes because the woman is her grandmother. Now, she comes back but the sister doesn't (what a surprise.). However, the whole thing was just a ploy for the grandmother because she has the energy to send the hero a check and makes a miraculous recovery at the ball that she suckered the heroine into doing as a way to keep her from going back to Texas. Now, she parades her off like a doll to all the single bachelors because she needs backup. I really was pissed off at the heroine because she had people who cared about her for her back at Texas and she didn't tell the grandmother off that she was going and no check would stop her. She just lets herself get pulled along until the hero walks in suit and cowboy hat. That is the only time, the heroine is able to tell the grandmother that she's going back to texas. It really wasn't the read for me.

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