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Pure Romance To Marry McKenzie

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To Marry McKenzie

Logan McKenzie is an attractive single man who heads a major company and has the blood of British nobility. The girls can’t leave him alone! One day, a waitress serving lunch at his company starts crying and he can’t help but pull her to him and comfort her. It isn’t like him to be so kind! Her name is Darcy, and he suspects she’s in trouble because of an affair with a married man. He wants to help her, so he goes to the restaurant where she works... Is he in love with her? No, it can’t be!!

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Stop blaming him. 3  3

I felt the heroine and the hero's mother were never satisfied with what the hero did or said till the end. There was just no pleasing them, especially the heroine. I mean when they first meet, they have a pleasant conversation and have fun talking with each other. He even comforts her even though he found out his negligent mother is marrying the heroine's boss who he thinks is in a relationship with the heroine. He has no idea of course she's the man's daughter till further into their conversation that she's the man's daughter. Her reason for not accepting this marriage is because her mother only died last year. Now, the hero wants to prevent the marriage and tells his mother himself. We find out the horrible relationship between the hero and his mother went wrong when his father died. The woman was drowning in her own grief that she failed to see her little boy suffering. Then she married a man who abused the hero violently and she did nothing. The mother does state she won't accept the marriage unless the heroine does because she understands the pain she put the hero through. The heroine had her own exchange of words that resulted in him slapping her and her swearing not to help at the restaurant. Yet, she does and then finds out the hero's relation to the mother. She acts all cold with him even though he shares her views on the whole marriage. Then when she finds out from the hero that the mother canceled the engagement, she places the whole blame on the hero. She says things that the hero never said and all sorts of stuff and I was like, "stop trying to shift blame onto someone else!" Now, she talks about how they shouldn't have like she's the voice of reason and leaves the hero with a bruise on his leg. Then, the heroine is back in the restaurant because the father disappeared, which the heroine places blame on the hero and his mother. I did like that the hero counteracted her accusations with the words she said. However, he does comfort when she sobs and he earned brownie points from me. Later, the heroine wants to meet with the hero's mother to get some more information. It leaves the two to sort out their feelings for each other. She's able to have a pleasant conversation with the mother, finds her father, and makes amends with him. The hero and heroine don't meet again till a wedding party. The hero takes a chance and invites the heroine onto the dance floor and open their hearts to each other. The hero finally tells his mother that he's happy for her. The hero and heroine confess their love and we get the happily ever after but it just wasn't what I was looking for.

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