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A high-class apartment on Park Avenue looking over Manhattan. A lone working class girl amongst the high and mighty socialites, Carrie is working as a house-sitter, and she’s worried. She’s worried about her unstable employment and her senile mother. And about the neighbor, Trent! Every single one of the girls who visit her playboy neighbor, Trent Tanford, mistake Carrie’s place for his and disturb her sleep nightly. No matter how handsome he is or how much money he has, today is the day she’s going to confront him! What will happen when Carrie pays a visit on the boy next door?

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3.5 discovering the good guy in a funny way 4  4

The heroine has had it up to her neck in late night calls from multiple women and their legs who mistake her apartment for the one next door. It takes a possessive girl who slaps the heroine hard across the face, accusing her of being a home wrecker to finally confront the playboy who's the source of all her misery. They have an interesting moment but it ends that night. However, it takes a mysterious murder where the hero knew the victim for his parents to pull the whole either you get married or get out of the company down hard on the hero. In his hour for a miracle, the hero sees the heroine and the answer to all his problems. I just want to say that this whole forced marriage scheme by his parents was funny with the mother giving him a tin can to shake out on the street, that was hilarious. So, the hero ask the heroine to marry him and she not only kicks him out but avoids all contact with him but he doesn't give up. He comes up with a proposal that if she marries him then he'll help with the financial woes like paying for her mother's caregiver and home. After thinking it over for six hours, she goes to wake him up at 3:00am (a taste of what she's been enduring) to tell him that she agrees with a couple of conditions like no mistresses. The hero tells her that he'll be a faithful husband for the year that they are married. They have a very nice wedding and begin their lives as a fake newlywed couple. During their days together, the heroine finds a lot of positives about the hero like how he comes to help calm and take care of the heroine's mother who suffers from Dementia. The two hit off the home run with confessing their love to each other but the heroine sees the one of the woman who was calling for the hero in the nights before they were married. She believes the hero is cheating on her and leaves him with a good bye note. Later, she learns that the secretary was the retired CEO's secretary who was sent to get the hero and that she was a replacement for the party in order for the heroine to spend some quality time with her mother. She also finds out that her husband still visits the mother and pays for the bills. The heroine is encouraged to tell the hero of her feelings and fight for him. What I liked about the next couple of scenes is the heroine admitting she was wrong to the hero and how the hero counts off all the things she did to hurt the hero. The hero has a lovely speech of how much he loves the heroine and they end it on a bit of a comical note of the heroine have to prove her love by sticking out her leg like the previous women did and hold it for a minute.

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