Romantic Suspense Marrying McCabe

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Marrying McCabe

“Please, God. Don't take any more of the people I love.” Graced with beauty and wealth, Roma Lombard dreamed of an ordinary life as a preschool teacher. But the Lombard heiress has been the target of envy and jealousy since she was a little girl just because of her birthright, and her oldest brother was even killed over it. And so, her brothers bring in the “perfect bodyguard.” When she sees his muscles of steel and the noticeable scar on his cheek, Roma is frozen with horror. Ben McCabe! Anyone but him. He is too dangerous.

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a good suspenseful romance 4  4

The heroine has a new bodyguard since someone shot at a friend of her when they are out. The family is taking no chances since the kidnapping incident with the heroine's brother & his fiancée that ended their lives. The hero comes by both request/begging of the heroine's other brother to guard her. The hero's walls are up and strong and ready to defend. I liked how he opens up stuff that makes the heroine vulnerable to a shooting like the bedroom having three windows and such. The heroine isn't the only one packing, she's a regular member of the gun club with her own in her suitcase (The hero doesn't know about that till later). After dinner with the heroine's friend, the two start to get hot and heavy till the hero finds out the heroine is a virgin. It's douses his mood and inflames the herone's mood in anger. Later that night, the hero's hears the heroine's moans and wakes her up and finds out she suffers from nightmares of being shot and seeing the dead brother being shot. They have a hot night together but issues start to resurface that leads the heroine to put an end to any nightly activities. However, it doesn't stop them from having a hot moment at the shooting range and I'm surprised that the heroine didn't hit miss the target. Sadly, the shooter/stalker takes pics of the hero and heroine's hot moment and sends them to the heroine to let them know that he's closing in on them. And he does by shooting the hero as a fashion show but the hero was wearing a bulletproof vest and just got a huge bruise out of the mess. However, the closeness of the shooter and his phones to the her pushes the heroine to run away from everyone and have the culprit chase after her, so she can end him. Yet, the hero finds the rat's nest where it's discovered that his obsession over the heroine has been going on for more than a decade. Things become hotter as they learn that the gun left by the shooter matches the ballistics as the one that shot the dead brother's fiancee who was with the brother at the time. The hero is able to find the heroine quickly but it also means that the stalker could find her and he does. The stalker is one of interpol's most wanted criminals and the two develop a plan to bring the stalker out in the open and bring him down. How? By announcing their engagement to the public and ticking him off. The two head to a cabin in the woods to make their stand and set their traps. During this time, the hero reveals to the heroine that he wants the engagement to be real. The hero and his friends are nearly shot if the heroine hadn't warned them in time. They're able to capture him and the hero asks the heroine to marry him. The wedding scenes are funny and I did like it.

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Marrying McCabe 4  4

I felt that the ending was really rushed and it needed more development. Overall, I really enjoyed this comic.

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