Pure Romance Fiance Wanted!

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Fiance Wanted!

"Magic wand, bring me a fiancé!" Katy waves the magic wand. She is sick of her family nagging her to get married. At this point, it doesn't matter if he really is her fiancé or not; as long as she has a man to show her family, they'll be happy. "Katy, I need a fiancée, too." When Katy realizes who says this, she is dumbfounded. "Magic wand, if you were going to send me this guy, you might as well have not sent anyone at all!" Katy and Dylan have been like oil and water together ever since they were little kids. No matter how convenient it would be to team up, there's no way the two of them could be lovers!

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stereotypical feminist 2  2

So this was a cute story, but the female lead was not really my type of character. I don't like the short-haired angry Chihuahua type of girls. They get on my nerves. The guy was good in some places but he had weird taste in women. The art was decent. I'd place it right around average for Harlequin manga. Truthfully the female lead being the way she was is what turned me off to the story. It was my only real complaint, but it was a big one. She seems like every stereotype of a 3rd wave feminist. Right down to the short hair, her triggered personality, her childishness, and not being able to reflect on her own actions and extremely large ego. She thinks that she could never be even partially wrong. When the male lead comes to her with a issue, she freaks out on him and breaks things off, the next day she goes in and decides to take his words to heart but her default is that she's always right and any challenge to her way of thinking by anyone is thought of as an unjustified assault from an enemy without even trying to think about what the other person said or understanding anything about the other person's point of view. I'd think it would be tiring to be around her if she was a real-life person. Well, that's my review.

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