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Romance The Desert Lord's Bride

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The Desert Lord's Bride

"I promise to give you the best moment of your life," whispers a beautiful, mysterious man after a passionate kiss. Those words make Farah throw all reason out the door. Career woman Farah is actually a desert princess, and had just found out that she is to be in an arranged marriage with a prince from a neighboring kingdom. Farah has always wanted to marry the man she falls in love with, and hoped that this man, who made her crazy, would be the one. Hot passion takes her over. Please, take me now! At that moment, the man's eyes shine like a beast.

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Fantasy 3  3

What is going on with this story? I mean... really. I didn't dislike it, but the girl... I can't believe how stupid she was for someone who was supposed to be a smart person (given her job title). take me now at a party where we just meet? The guy said he wanted to have their relationship be more but in the back of his mind he couldn't have possibly been thinking good things. She said she only had sex once, but after you loose your virginity there is no real way to tell is there? and for someone who said the one and only time she had sex was bad it's funny how badly she wants it so quickly... though in truth what he thinks of her doesn't enter into it at that point because he needs her to stop a civil war. I would say he's cunning in his approach but anyone with a brain wouldn't have gotten on that airplane without knowing anything at all no matter how sexy he was unless she was so obsessed with getting into his bed that she wasn't thinking at all... So, despite this huge personality flaw. I did like how she just spoke her mind regardless of how it sounded. It was funny at times. I found the story to be good despite the female heroine's issues. I liked the male lead decently but by the end I think they were both perfect for each other. I guess overall I liked this one. The art was really good as well. I'd be willing to read it again.

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I have trust issues, but ok lets get it on Mr.. um whats your name again? 2  2

For someone who claimed to have trust issues, Farah felt no reservations to go on a whirlwind fling turned romance (I suppose) with a beautiful stranger barely dressed. Im sorry but she was such an irritating heroine who kept peskering the lead to get it on. Too much deception in 150 pages but the build up was so exag for such a weak finale.

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