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Romance The Desert Lord's Baby

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The Desert Lord's Baby

Opening the front door, Carmen holds her breath. Farooq is looking down at her with hate-filled eyes. A year and a half ago, she met the desert prince, Farooq, at an international conference. They fell in love, and she became pregnant. But she couldn't imagine marrying someone like him, so she hid her pregnancy and disappeared. And now that Farooq knows the truth, he's come for her. Resistence is futile. He grabs her arm and steals a kiss, making her lose any strength in her body. There was no woman who could withstand his charm.

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editor's comment - May 2nd, 2014

Unlike usual Harlequin stories, the story begins after the heroine left the hero and is having a baby. She loves the hero and they had been stayed with each other for the past 18 months, however because of a lie she left the hero.
And now the hero brings her back to his hometown for baby's sake.
Since hero is a prince, there are many rules and also, some orders he needs to obey, of course including his marriage.
As soon as heroine knows that she confesses to hero that she couldn't bear any children at all. Will hero abandon heroine because of that? How can they stay together forever?
The baby is really adorable and it is very interesting when she met with one of hero's brothers.

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Another: I'm not good enough for you, poor me one 3  3

The female lead is horrible. She breaks up with the prince she was having a fling with because she finds out she's pregnant with his child and doesn't want to be a burden to him since he was just in it to have fun (assumption/poor me). What she neglects to realize is that when she forces him to let her go by being putting on greedy woman act she is burdening him... just in a different way. It's so irritating how selfish she is. By selfish I don't mean materialistic. I mean she doesn't think about anyone else's feelings or desires except her own. So she choose to have the baby on her own and kept it a secret from the father resolving to not tell him and raise her entirely on her own. Everything about her and what she does is upsetting to me. However, the male lead is not all that great either. He believes two completely obvious lies one told by the female lead in order to end the relationship and one by his political opponent... telling him that she was his spy the whole time... spy for what? What type of valuable Intel did he say she gave him? Seems like a super obvious attempt at pushing them apart because of the decree made by the king that the next king had to be married and have a child. It would require someone to be really stupid and also willing to believe the worst about the person they supposedly love in order to believe such a bad lie... well whatever. At least the art is really good in this manga, and although the characters were not my cup of tea, I still felt the story was okay.

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Love in the desert 4  4

Lovable story! Perhaps the heroine is a bit too 'weak' in expressing her emotions and feelings, but both love and passion spread throughout the whole plot. The hero is very handsome and we can appreciate his change from the beginning to the end. In my opinion, the artist's work is notable, too.

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