Romance The Greek's Seven-Day Seduction

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The Greek's Seven-Day Seduction

Charlotte, who is a journalist, meets Iannis with sculpturelike beautiful coal-black hair on the Greek island of Iskos! With a desire to write about him, Charlotte approaches him and finds herself smitten; he has an arrogant side, but also gentlemanlike elegance. The two indulge in a passionate love affair, but one incident generates a doubt…!

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It's a half and half sort of thing. 3  3

There were some pros and cons to this, for my three star review. So, the summary: the heroine is on vacation in order to start anew from her divorce from her cheating husband. During this time, she meets a local fisherman who catches her physical eye and writer's eye that she uses him for her inspiration to write since she's a journalist. As we go through the book, she unexpectedly descends into a down the rabbit hole scenario because she's not sure what the hero's intentions are since his friend is a married man who "caters" to the lonely women who vacation at the island. Then there's the matter of her own feelings of wanting more, then her desiring wanting a passionate hot night with the man but her reason is pulling her back of how she's not acting like she truly is. It was interesting to watch with the customs and cultures with what they eat and how they dress, it made it look very good. So, the cons were the hero's reasons for being exposed by the heroine (had no idea that he was a rich man who hides out at the island and fishes with the local men as a vacation). I agree with the hero's worry about how the paparazzi will descend on the island, harass the locals, and ruin their businesses but his other reason was ridiculous: his image as a CEO who fishes like the local man. You know, when I first found out that he fishes to destress and relax, I thought nothing about him. I mean, there are rich people who do simple things for vacations like hunting, swimming, and even fishing at small creeks that nobody has no idea it even exists in the area. To react over that reason was pretty bad because it makes you looks like good hardworking man who enjoys the simple stuff in life. Another con, was the cheating man because not a big fan of cheaters who know they are married but they still do it. Then there's the whole ending with how the heroine has to pay for the price of exposing him by staying in his place forever (a.k.a marry him). The whole thing was just not romantic enough for me. Moving on to the pros was the careers, the hero and heroine had with being a CEO and a journalist. I found it refreshing from the usual secretary then lover sort of thing. The second pro is that they actually spent time talking to each other and learning more about each (except for that bit about the hero being rich) before the sexual intercourse. The third one, OOOHHHHHHHHHH how I loved the third pro: the heroine seduces the hero back into bed then quickly ties his hands to the bed's mantel with his own belt!!! I was laughing over that scene. The ending with the positive reviews over the hero's getaway to fish and the two coming together. It was sweet and a bit sour sort of story.

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Love & passion on a Greek island 4  4

Cute comic, it's full of passion and sensuality! The hero is so handsome, it's almost love at first sight. I could feel the Greek atmosphere, both vital and romantic.

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