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Pure Romance The Marriage Clause

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The Marriage Clause

Gina is hired as the manager of a lodge buried deep in the Alaskan wilderness known for it's intense winters. However, just as she is heading into her first harsh winter, the owner of the lodge suddenly passes away. Clay, a pilot and the owner's son, asks Gina to marry him. Although she learns that he only needs a wife in order to inherit his father's property, she feels a flicker of hope and anticipation burning in her chest....

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It was good 3  3

It's different but similar with a stubborn and caring heroine but an equally stubborn and caring hero. The two have dreams that can't be complete in the long run without the filling the condition left behind by the hero's father. The hero has to marry the heroine for one year, now the hero's is all up for it but the heroine isn't and isn't so till a surprise visit from her rich father and fiancee come up to persuade her to come home and they'll fund the building of the cafe but that's not what the heroine wants. So, she agrees to the hero's proposal. Before the heroine agrees and after they are married, the hero reads journal left behind by his grandfather who fell in love with a woman whose personality matches the heroine. The two of them look like a happily newlywed couple but things don't heat up till a blizzard and hot fireplace heat things up. Yet, the hero goes back to usual his usual coldness but on the inside, he's confused on what to do because he wants to be with the heroine but he is still going by the agreement. Then the two of them find out that the heroine is pregnant and the hero is attentive and overprotective of her. However, he reads an entry in the journal where the wife of the grandfather died from childbirth and thinks the same thing will happen to the heroine. The father and the ex-fiancee don't make it better by saying the heroine should be at the hospital that isn't in Alaska and despite the heroine's reassurance that everything is going to be fine, he pushes her away. The heroine is about to leave when she sees the old journal entry then puts two and two together on the hero's behavior. So, she tells the father and ex-fiancee that she's going to stay. The hero gets advice from an old family friend that he needs to go back to step one. He decides to back to the heroine but crashes when the winds of the blizzard are too strong. Luckily, he's makes it out alive and wakes up to the heroine's crying face. The hero tells the heroine that he's willing to go to California if it means that he can be with the heroine and he would do it because he loves her. The heroine says she's never letting him go. We get an epilogue of a cute little girl and what the hero's grandparents really looked like.

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Love in Alaska 3  3

I like the plot, it's interesting and quite new if compared to other stories. I've appreciated the heroine's behaviour and the unusual backgroung (Alaska) ... But in my opinion the hero could have been more strong-willed and passionate. Anyway it's a nice comic!

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