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Romance The Italian's Wedding Ultimatum

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The Italian's Wedding Ultimatum

Samantha meets Alessandro, the brother of the bride of Samantha's old friend—a friend whom she still has feelings for. Initially, Samantha dislikes Alessandro, who has exhibited hostility toward her since their first meeting at the wedding. However, one day he forcibly steals a kiss from her. His ulterior motive is to protect his sister from Samantha—he has discovered Samantha's feelings for his sister's husband, and so he plans to seduce her for himself! Samantha soon realizes that she loves Alessandro, despite his cold black eyes that imprison and disturb her heart. Even though she knows that his seducing her doesn't stem from love, she can't control her feelings toward him….

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it was okay. 3  3

The heroine watches in sadness as a childhood friend and crush ties the knot with another woman who has a brother that sees the heroine and deduces that she's in love with the friend and will hurt the marriage, despite the fact that he didn't want his precious sister to marry a guy who owns a store and not a major corporation like himself. He tells the heroine to stay away but it's hard when the heroine is close friends with the friend's family that the older daughter has the heroine selected as the godmother to her newborn daughter. They meet again at the baby's baptism, which surprises everyone. Then the friend pulls the heroine away, where the hero thinks they are meeting in secret and the heroine is a seductress trying to pull the friend into her arms but he only sees the friend giving her money to make this conclusion. He never hears that it was merely a repayment on a loan because the heroine loaned the friend money to finance his second store in order to impress the hero. So, he accuses her of having an affair but he sleeps with her. Yeah, that guy's brain has crossed wires up in there. After sexual intercourse, it seems to go well until he sees the checks and starts making accusations. The heroine can't say anything because she knows that the childhood friend wanted to keep it a secret. So, the hero tells her that he had coitus with her in order to keep his sister's marriage safe. Those words deeply hurt the heroine who tells the heroine that she will never show his face to him or any of his family. Not too long, does the friend and sister go to the hero to tell him about the money situation (they heard about the whole check thing from the older sister who was told by the heroine) because the sister wanted to tell the hero that she wasn't interested in money and won't leave the friend. The friend tells him that he wrote a check for the heroine because of the loan she gave him to finance and he wanted to pay her back. Now, the news is shocking for the hero but it's four weeks till he goes and see the heroine. What the heck was he doing in the last four weeks, twiddling thumbs??? Finally, he goes to see the heroine, just a couple of days after she found out she's pregnant. The heroine won't have anything to do with the hero but it takes her parents driving up the road for her to let him in, so they won't ask questions about him. She puts him in the closet and that's when he hears the news. Apparently, the heroine told her mother but not her father because of how he would react and boy did he react passionately. He's angry over the fact that his daughter is unwed and pregnant and demands to know the name of the father for various reasons, most will end in pain. The hero hears of the heroine's pregnancy and barges out, demanding to know if that's true. After telling the father that he intends to marry the heroine and live up to his responsibility, the parents leave for the hero and heroine to talk. The heroine states that she won't marry him, not even for the child. The hero tells the heroine he's in love and explains his actions, which has the heroine melt in his arms and we get a one page epilogue of them with a baby.

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