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Romance Ruthless Awakening

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Ruthless Awakening

Famous actress Rhianna visits her childhood town to attend her best friend Carrie’s wedding. Upon arrival, she finds her best friend’s cousin Diaz, who shows nothing but animosity toward her. Diaz believes Rhianna is trying to seduce Carrie’s fiancé, Simon, and warns her to stay away from him. Rhianna is hurt by Diaz’s cold and spiteful behavior toward her. It is all just a misunderstanding; Rhianna has been in love with Diaz since she was a young girl!

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editor's comment - March 28th, 2014

It is totally a sad story.
The heroine has been misunderstood by the hero and his family because of her mother. However she has to go back to the house which she had miserable childhood and there she meets the hero. The misunderstanding to the heroine doesn't disappear by time but even escalate because of set up by others.
The hero doesn't trust the heroine as first but gradually he realizes that the heroine was acting because she wants to protect others.
And finally they understand what really happened to the heroine's mother and hero's family.
The story is so exciting that you won't know what will happen.
It is highly recommended to those who expect exciting stories.

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Stop Blaming the Child! 2  2

I was fairly disappointed with some of the characters of the story like the heroine's aunt and the hero's mother as well as some of our main characters. To go back chronologically, the hero's mother suffers from postnatal depression and ends up having an affair with her sister's husband. The hero's father finds out and leaves then the heroine's mother who was the hero's mother's housekeeper as well as confident in keeping the secret of her affair hidden for a time leaves later as well. That's not the only thing that happened because the aunt was so ticked by the whole thing that she tried to entice the hero's father into bed but he rejected her. So, she made up some rumor that the hero's father and the heroine's mother had an affair and the hero's mother did nothing to stop it. It's a big fat lie that everyone believed in except the hero's father wrote to the hero's mother that he and the heroine's mother were nothing more than just friends. I was fairly ticked at the woman but I was more ticked at the heroine's aunt because she never stopped to doubt the woman's words. If I were in the aunt's position, I wouldn't just believe in my boss, I would stop and think if my sister was that kind of woman and then go see her. Instead, the witch doesn't and after she becomes guardian to the heroine, she treats her like dirt. I mean the woman is harping on comparing the heroine to her harlot mother, doesn't celebrate her birthdays and simply abuses her. She isn't the only one because the hero's aunt does it too and many others. The hero was one of the few people who was significantly kind to her until they get older. Afterwards, the heroine leaves and becomes an actress playing the villainess role in some kind of a soap drama. Now, she made to look like the villainess because she's caught in-between too many people. First thing, she finds out that her one friend from her hometown's fiancee is cheating on her with the heroine's roommate when they met by chance but of course, the hero thinks it's the heroine because she's the mother's daughter. Then the heroine is getting pulled with staying away by the hero's order and coming back by the pleas of the friend to the wedding. Afterwards, we get the whole kidnapped and the hassle that comes with it. In fact, the hero doesn't stop to think until that the heroine is a good actress at her villain. I admit there were times that I would hate an actor or actress like Larry Linville who played Frank Burns from M*A*S*H for their villain role till I remembered that it was a role and not the actor themselves. Yet, I didn't have to sleep with Frank Burns to figure that out but the hero had to with the heroine in order to figure out that she wasn't sleeping with the bigamist groom and gets a clue of what the heroine still suffers from the brand of the home wrecker's daughter. Then the heroine gets branded as the original home wrecker when the roommate crashes the wedding and names the groom and the heroine as the culprits. The whole thing has the heroine fired from her job and hiding out at the one adult who was kind to her in her younger years. Then the heroine finds a sponsor who will give her a role in a new show that turns out to be the hero. The hero also got information that the roommate is a pathological liar who has made similar trouble in her hometown. The heroine tries to reject his offer, his proposal of love and marriage but he won't allow it. They go to hero's mother where the woman apologizes to the heroine and reveals the real truth as stated earlier. In the end, the friend stays married to the first man and the hero and heroine get married but I wasn't pleased with the whole book.

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Ruthless... rating 2  2

I really expected this was a nice comic, but now I'm a bit disappointed... I couldn't feel this is an actual love story... The hero is so cold, the heroine is so weepy! I wonder why the hero thought the heroine was insincere just because the role she plays as an actress is a selfish social climber and her mother was supposed to be his father's mistress. In addition, I wonder why the heroine has so many doubts about their love and runs away from him. It all sounds somehow 'silly' to me. Sorry, but I didn't like this comic so much...

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