Passion Romance Sheikh's Temptation

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Sheikh's Temptation

Young Lanna is the daughter of the world's foremost multimillionaire, and because of that fact, she finds that all of the men who approach her are disgusting. She just wants to go somewhere where nobody knows who she is, and to finally meet somebody who will love her for her, not for her father's wealth. Enter Arash, an exchange student come to study at a British university. With purple eyes and a mysterious appearance, she believes that he's her destined love. However, it turns out that he's actually a prince from a desert country. Since their worlds are so different he tries to stop seeing her, but finds that he cannot free himself of his feelings for her. War arises in his homeland and he's called back. With no time left, they spend one last night together. "Love me," she says to him. But the next morning he leaves in a cold and distant manner! What has happened?

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wanting to prove love 4  4

It's been a while since I have read this book but I remember a lot of it. The story goes on where the heroine is tired of people judging her for her family's money and decides not to date from the age of fifteen till she is in college. There she meets the man of her dreams, a royal from the Arab world. They start hanging out and have a great time together till the hero's country is going into war and he leaves. However, not before one night of passion, but the hero leaves the heroine in bed without saying anything, which is a turn off. After some time, the heroine is asked by her friend who married the sheikh of the country to rebuild the country. Hoping to see the hero again, then heroine goes only to see that war has turned the hero cold. The heroine gets some brownie points from me for not giving up and tries to help the country the best she can. The hero and heroine's friends decide to play cupid and have them go on a trip that leads the hero and heroine to reveal some very interesting things about themselves. We learn that the hero has just about lost everything that he deems to represent as important from his home, his family's symbol, family members, and land. The heroine learns that the hero is in love with a woman but won't tell her because he has nothing to give her. That was the interesting conflict of the hero and the heroine because to the heroine, it's not the material gifts that she deems important to give to the person they love, while for the hero from a different culture thinks that's the only way to prove himself worthy of the woman's love. The more and more time they spend together and learning about each other is nice. I found it surprising though that the hero didn't notice that on their night of passion, the heroine was a virgin. The news threw him for a loop when she told him, who is the same for the heroine when she found out that the woman that the hero loved but couldn't confess was her because she was rich and he had nothing to offer. I loved how to heroine showed the hero that he wanted him. The ending was especially sweet. It was a good story to read.

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