Seeking Single Male

Romance Seeking Single Male

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Seeking Single Male

No decent woman would put out an ad for a boyfriend! I can't let some harlot near my little brother! In place of his brother, Greg decides to meet a woman who placed a singles ad, with the intention of turning this "Coffee Girl" down. But the Coffee Girl he meets is exceedingly beautiful. Why would she have put out a singles ad? And Lana, a coffee shop owner, is suddenly kissed by a man who's supposed to be applying as her potential roommate. The first of three romances revolving around magazines!

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editor's comment - May 9th, 2014

Do you know what “SF" is? And what is “GM"? They may not be what you think they are.
The story starts from an ad, well be correct, two ads. However the two ads were messed up by hero and heroine, and it became an interesting encounter.
While hero, who is a landlord, the coffee shop which owned by heroine was facing possible destroy because of rezoning. The two with opposite opinions feel attractive to each other gradually.
Will the coffee shop be destroyed? And will hero and heroine finally reach the same opinions?
The heroine is adorable and intelligent while the hero is though cold but gentle. I bet you will like the couple.

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people who are deemed "different" can find love 5  5

I wasn't sure what the SM and GM stood for till I read the book. I loved the plot line of the story and the illustration done. It's amazing story of how these two strong people found each other. the hero gets some major brownie points from me. He's a responsible big brother to his challenged younger brother. He is always looking out for him and manages a good business. I loved the heroine because she owns a coffee shop in a small town and has kept it going well. I loved it. Their first meeting was the funniest: the hero is checking to see if a woman that his brother responded to in a single's ad is a good woman and the heroine thinks that the hero is a gay male responding to a roommate ad that she put in. It's so funny of how it goes down. I love looking at the reactions of both the hero and them heroine of when they find out who the other main character really is and the misunderstanding. I love the brother of the hero too; he's sweet, polite, and just wants to find a special someone. I will spoil the fact that he does and they are meant for each other. The hero and the heroine spend time together, learning from other person's viewpoint of why they want a project at hand to go their way. I love the ending as well. It was an amazing book to read. I do think that the wedding dress of the heroine was a bit much.

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Funny one 5  5

This one has a more mangaish feel than other Harlequin comics I've read. Funny story, it was a good read.

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