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Pure Romance The Bride's Baby

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The Bride's Baby

The moment she first saw her best friend's fiancé, Tom, Sylvie could feel her heart rate rising. She quells those feelings and focuses on preparing her friend's wedding as the professional event planner that she is, but then the bride disappears right before the wedding! Sylvie ends up spending a passionate night with Tom, to comfort him during his time of loss. She then sends him a letter telling him that she's pregnant with his child, but when she doesn't hear back from him, Sylvie feels betrayed and unwanted. What are the chances that they'd be reunited by a magazine project to design her "dream wedding," which lands her in the role of the bride and him as the groom?

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Both don't know: It's a misunderstanding 5  5

This is a book that is an actual good read. It starts off new: the heroine and the hero meet when the hero is engaged to the heroine's friend who wants the heroine to plan their wedding. The next time they meet is for the cancellation of the wedding because the bride ran off with another man, three days before the wedding. I found this to be funny of what the runaway bride wanted for her wedding: a confetti cannon, singing waiters, doves to be let out, and a horse drawn carriage. I love imagination but the wedding sounded more like a traveling troupe than a wedding. I did like that their second conversation (the big one) wasn't all yelling, the hero complimented on the heroine's success as a business woman. We later find out that the hero has the heroine lug all the boxes to his apartment when he was just going to donate it to charity and give the food to the homeless. The hero reveals his reasons, which leaves the heroine to yell at him and that leads to the question: why did the hero want her to stay? One thing leads the bed and the heroine is so happy about where she is at that she is so happy that she starts to cry but the hero takes it the wrong way. I loved seeing both the hero and the heroine's point of view. The hero and heroine haven't seen each other for two months: the heroine finds out that she's pregnant and the hero wants to see the heroine again. The heroine writes a letter to the hero because he is currently abroad and just when the hero is going through the mail, he sees the heroine's face on a gossip magazine that is going on about how she's pregnant with her ex-fiance's child. The letter is lost between the couch and the lamp stand. The hero misunderstands and doesn't want anything to do with her. The heroine doesn't hear from the hero and thinks that he wants nothing to do with her. The hero and the heroine meet each other and the both of them wonder of why things went wrong? It's so good and funny. I love how they have to work together both their business obstacles and personal obstacles. My personal favorite is the end: I don't want to tell you of what happens but it's really good to read.

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