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Historical Romance Robber Bride 2

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Robber Bride 2

The female robber Bethia's true identity is exposed as the only daughter of a feudal lord. Simon offers her help to reclaim her castle and save her father. "She hunts, she talks to men as equals, what an unconventional woman...I want her!" But Bethia is unsure of whether or not she can trust him, as she can't risk exposing her men to danger. "He's definitely attractive, but there's absolutely no way that I will be subjected to him!"

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Rebellious Female lead and Male lead who enjoys being degraded 2  2

Sorry, not my thing I guess. There are likely things that make this so much better in the book. It's all the fluctuating for no reason that bothers me most. That and the way they depict a clearly Omega male who is deluding himself but may be able to fight a bit... eh, it's not for me. It's cute in a few scenes but the gutter talk coming out of a supposed high ranking man's mouth as he talks to what he knows to be a woman when he just meets her regardless of what she is like, it seems out of place in a historical setting with a man who is portrayed as a Christian... and the woman is a rebellious know it all who wants to be saved in theory but not really... or something. I don't know. If you enjoy strong women in your manga, then this female lead at least talks a big game. The man in this manga is turned on by being dominated and degraded... so if that's not your thing... then I'd try another.

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new and human 5  5

I really liked this story because we have a female robin hood in this. It goes off on how the hero finds out that his little robin hood is actually a noblewoman who is trying to save her father and lands. I like how the heroine is different from the average woman: she's a robber, a fighter, and leader. She is different from the women that the hero has encountered and the the hero likes her for who she is and all that goes with it. I won't say that it's perfect, there are the issues of having two leaders and one group. Not to mention how they want each other and try to hold back. I like that both of them have faults and some of those misunderstandings and go deep. It's good and fun. One of my favorite scenes is towards the end when the heroine has the hero in the position that she wants him in.

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