Romance The Greek's Ultimate Revenge

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The Greek's Ultimate Revenge

“Separate the woman from my husband!” Begged by his sister, Nikos agrees to seduce Janine, make her fall for him and get rid of her. With the hidden ulterior motive, Nikos approaches Janine. As he learns more about her, he catches himself bearing unexpected feelings for her. Janine, without noticing his hurtful plans, is on the verge of falling in love with him…!

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planning and the results are completely different things. 3  3

The hero's sister pleads to him to get the mysterious mistress of her husband out of the man's life. The hero goes to the villa of his brother-in-law to throw the mistress he's been keeping to ease the suffering of his sister who's suffering from fertility treatments because she wants to have a baby so bad. His plan: seduce the woman away, while the brother-in-law is gone. Oh, this is going to go south. So, the hero and heroine spend time together, he struggles to believe a woman who spent three years volunteering in Africa with children and sees how she's interacts with the island's monastery for children is in an affair with the brother-in-law. We see from the heroine's past that her mother had a lot of material and shallow men in her life and we know this but the hero doesn't that the brother-in-law is the heroine's birth father that she's building a bond with. They also can't go public because the father is thinking of the hero's sister ( his wife) & doesn't want to hurt her. *Comment: too late. The hero and heroine separate for a short period of time but we see the hero struggle with his belief that the heroine is a cold-home wrecker mistress but one call from the sister puts him back on the path he set out for. However, even as he sets the last phase, he's still struggling in believing the image of the heroine that he has made up for himself. They spend time together but when the heroine mentions going out to lunch with the brother-in-law the hero does the stupid thing and not only tells her that he can't bear to be away from her but that he loves her. She believes but that faith ends soon with the brother-in-law comes in on helicopter. The hero angry for the man's arrival and the heroine hugging him shouts at him to stay away from the heroine and reveals his plan. The heroine is shocked and runs off for the brother-in-law to tell the truth of the heroine being his daughter by another woman before he married the sister. Now, the hero is horrified by his actions and is forbidden by the brother-in-law to see the heroine. The brother-in-law and heroine go to see the wife in order to let her know of what is going on. She too is horrified because of what her request to her brother has led to and deeply apologizes to the heroine and while, the heroine is forgiving, it's too hard for her to stay up and tries to go to bed. However, the hero sneaks in to talk to the heroine and propose the best solution for the whole trauma is for the two of them to get married. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????!!!!!You just broke the woman's heart and now you want her to marry you in order to make other people happy???!!!! He says that he loves the heroine but who can blame the heroine for not believing in him when he used those words before his plan was discovered. The heroine refuses until they're caught by the brother-in-law and sister, she pressured by the hero and their family members to make the mess right and agrees to the marriage. The whole wedding may have looked like a happy occasion but the heroine looked downright miserable because she believes the hero doesn't love and only wants to use her in order to make his sister happy. The two of them have another fight and the hero pours out his feelings and heart to the heroine. It takes the room full of white roses for the heroine to open the door to the hero. The two of them confess their feelings and the end. It was an alright book but it wasn't my cup of tea.

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