The Greek Tycoon's Secret Heir

Passion Romance The Greek Tycoon's Secret Heir

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The Greek Tycoon's Secret Heir

Ava fell in love with Christos, the second son of a wealthy family, while in Greece. But their happiness didn't last long. Suspected of cheating on Christos with his older brother, Stavros, Ava was chased out of Greece. So when Christos comes for her five years later, Ava can hardly believe her luck. She thinks he finally believes that her son is indeed his own, and not his brother's—but her hopes are quickly crushed. Staring at her coldly, Christos informs her that Stavros and his wife died in an accident, and he's come for Stavros's son—the family's secret heir!

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friends have good advice. 3  3

The hero and heroine are reunited because the hero is looking for his brother's illegitimate son that he had with the heroine who was secretly dating the hero. How did this happen? Well, when you put his brother's adulterous behavior and seeing the man force a kiss on the heroine, he believes that the heroine was cheating on him with the brother. There's also the fact that the heroine lied about her background about living with middle class loving parents who traveled the world when she really grew up in a trailer park. So, he ends their relationship and she leaves thinking that he'll come after her but he doesn't. Yet, he does go after her five years later because the brother with his family (the poor girls that the heroine nannied) died in a plane crash and now, the hero's family company needs a heir. Their first reunion, the heroine thinks the hero has come back for her but gets a cold splash of reality when he tells what he came for. He pulls the usual, "marriage of convenience or I will take the child," and the heroine complies because she thinks she doesn't have a foothold. So, she agrees to the wedding, believing the hero doesn't want her but is proven wrong when he reacts so negatively to his own friends being close and interacting with her.They also tell the heroine of his lonely childhood and the different treatment he received as being the second son, next his brother, the successor. So, his feelings of distrust stem way back and played a part in him disbelieving the heroine. It's plain to them that he's still very attracted to her with that kiss. The friend voice their opinion that he misunderstood the whole thing considering his brother's reputation differed from the heroine's personality. The hero starts to wonder too but can't make his decision without the paternity test. So, he decides to do one without the heroine's knowledge and has it done when they're on their honeymoon and away from the little boy. During this time, the heroine opens up about her family life and how she was mistreated before she met the hero and after she came home pregnant. It was so bad that she had to leave and raise the little boy all on her own. The hero sees why the heroine lied and opens up that he understands, which prompts the heroine to say some things that unconsciously leave the hero feeling guilty having the test done. He tries to cover it up but out of the mouth of babes does the heroine learn from her son of a doctor coming to see him and the hero admitting to the heroine that it was for a paternity test. Now, the roles are reversed with the heroine thinking the hero has already seen the test results and why he was acting so nice to the heroine. However, the hero hasn't and tells her but she confesses that she loves him but has had enough of him. She runs off with the hero stumped on what to do but with the good advice from his friends, he runs after the heroine. He finds the heroine with a suitcase and a packet. She comes up to him that its the paternity test that she had done after learning about his life story as a way to prove to herself to him. The hero takes the file and rips up, declaring the he takes her word for it and confesses his love for her from five years ago to now. The two hold each other and make a new start on their life.

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Okay 2  2

This one really didn't grab me. The predictable strong (maybe you could better say overbearing) Greek male lead character steamrolls her to Greece and then sort of leaves her there at the mercy of his truly objectionable father, in a country where she doesn't speak the language, and of course, she forgives all and loves him. This was a hard one to swallow.There was absolutely no chemistry between the characters. At times it was as if you could see that writing this story was a chore for the author. The dialogue was uninspiring, and at no point do you believe the male character loves the female character. When I read a romance novel the least the author could do is make the characters attracted to each other, and show some redeeming quality in the male that shows why the female character "loves" him.

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