The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition

Passion Romance The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition

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The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition

Sheri fell in love with her boss, Tristan—but playboy Tristan is the second son of the Sabinas, a wealthy French family. Capable but timid, Sheri gave up on her love. But one day, Tristan asks her to spend ten days in Greece with him. While her heart tries to leap out of her chest, he tells her that he only needs her to be part of the bridal party at his best friend's wedding. Wanting to be with him, Sheri accepts his proposition, even though she knows how painful it might end up being....

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wedding gives a new image 3  3

The heroine has been a hero's PA for a couple of years but he takes her to a wedding to be the bride's bridesmaid because she doesn't any. So, when he sees her in that dark pink dress, he becomes vastly attracted to her. This attraction leads to a night that would have ended in a one night stand had not the paparazzi caught of photo of the two of them lip locking it out. Now, in order throw the hounds off, the hero pulls out the fake engagement scam with the heroine. This puts the heroine in a pickle because she has been attracted to the hero for a long time but has held back since he only takes short relationships since his wife passed away from cancer. She also wants to hold back because the men in her life alway leave her behind like her father and boyfriends. The hero has no idea of this till later and even pulls the scam on his family who are nothing but welcoming the heroine with open arms. It breaks the heroine's heart considering her only family (her aunt) died last year. It also doesn't help when the family praises her for being the woman that the hero fell in love with when he swore to his dying wife that he would never fall in love or get married. So, during their fake engagement, she stays at the hero's place; she welcomes him home, cooks homemade meals, and is basically a treat. This blissfulness goes on for two weeks till the week before their engagement party (where they'll break off the engagement) but the hero doesn't want that. So, he does a really stupid thing and when I mean stupid, I mean really stupid. He buys a ring for the heroine a few days before the engagement party, presents it to her, and pulls out this beautiful speech of how he can't live without her. The heroine thinks the hero is actually asking to marry her and exclaims yes to his marriage proposal. The hero is surprised and says that they're not getting married, he just wants to live together with her. ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME????!!!! Why would you buy a ring for the woman if you weren't going to marry her. It's logic: if you're in a relationship with someone whom you have done all the things that engaged/married couples do and you buy her a ring with the speech that sounds like a proposal then what else could it be. Shoot, the message would have been clearer if you had bought some earrings or a bracelet. Then the hero confesses that he'll never marry and love again, a fight breaks out and he walks out of the door. The next morning, the heroine gives the hero her resignation with the logic that since they're going to break off the engagement then it wouldn't be a good idea for her to keep working with the hero. Now, the hero comes to an empty home and realizes what an impact the heroine has made in his life in a short time frame but stands by his decision. The saving grace is the hero's friends come through for him, giving him advice and having him learn about the heroine's past like he did for them. He realizes the hurt he caused the heroine. So, when he picks her up in the limousine for the engagement party, he has it filled to the brim with roses and the hero admitting his foolishness on denying his feelings and confesses that he's in love with the heroine. He asks her to marry him for real and she happily agrees. It was an interesting plot but I was a little disappointed in the ending with no wedding or anything.

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❤️ 5  5

Really nice !

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Awaw 5  5

In Katherine Garbera's second installment of her Silhouette Desire series, Sons of Privilege, readers will meet Tristan Sabina and Sheri Donnelly. Being in the public eye is tricky at best and when you are caught in the act, you do what you have to do especially when blindsided by THE WEALTHY FRENCHMAN'S PROPOSITION. Sheri Donnelly has tried very hard to ignore her attraction to her boss, Tristan Sabina. It is difficult at best. He is charming, resourceful, and treats her very well in the office. When his best friend asks Tristan to bring a guest to his wedding, Sheri is delighted when Tristan asks her to accompany him to the wedding festivities. Though Sheri has her doubts about their working relationship, she decides to throw caution to the wind and accept his offer. After all, she has no foolish hope that Tristan will ever see her in a romantic light. Never say never because romance is in the air and Sheri and Tristan succumb to its enthralling charm. One night is all they plan, but with the morning paper's delivery, things change - it seems that their passionate tryst was caught on film and is now available for the entire world to see. Tristan never thought he would look at his assistant romantically. But with the way Sheri eyes him during the wedding reception of his best friend, he feels the pull of instant attraction. Then and there, when she seems to feel the same way, Tristan offers her one night of passion which she eagerly accepts. Tristan has only loved once in his life and with the death of his wife, he expects to never love again. Funny thing love. It smacks you right in the head when you least expect it. I can't get enough of Katherine Garbera's Silhouette releases. Each book takes me on a journey through a plethora of emotions.

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Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition 4  4

It a good book..I like it and how the character interact with each other...too bad that the comics is too short, it would be nice if it was longer than but oh well...overall, it is very nice on to the last book of the series and then the book will be complete..

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