Romance The Passionate Sinner

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The Passionate Sinner

Paul Von Setan is a genius surgeon acknowledged by the world for his accomplishments. The nurse Merlin unknowingly hands the doctor powerful eyedrops, which is part of a setup. The talented surgeon resultantly becomes blind; she then cries, “I have stolen everything that should be his!” Merlin is blamed for the incident and forced to leave the hospital. Merlin wishes to help the now-blind surgeon and make up for her action. She decides to follow the man she loves under an assumed identity to the remote tropical island where he hides himself after the incident. If it’s ever possible, she is willing to give herself to him....

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editor's comment - March 18th, 2016

The Hero is a doctor who loses his eye sight by accident. The Heroine is a girl who used to be a nurse working with him who happened to hand him the poison to make him blind. The hero looses his eye sight but keeps the hatred for the criminal. The heroine is a classical and beautiful woman who devotes her love and life to the Hero. The scenary of the tropical islad in southeast asia is beautifully dipicted.

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Where was her passport????!!!!!! 2  2

Over the top drama that would have been solved simply by sneaking into the heroine's room and looking at her passport. I mean come on, the hero needed to be a detective, not a surgeon. However, neither am I and thought if I thought if I found some suspicious information about the woman who have I suddenly decided to marry then I would have 1) waited till the seeing cousin could sneak into the heroine's room and check on her passport name to check or get one of the workers who can read English!!! Why am I focusing on the passport, it's because if you are going to go and work in a foreign country legally then you will need a work visa and the only place you can have work visa is ergo o facto: your passport. That wasn't the only thing because the other many things was the whole him suddenly asking the heroine to marry him without knowing a single thing about her then when the cousin does the whole investigating and they come to the conclusion that the heroine was one of the nurses in the incident that caused the hero to lose his eyesight, the hero immediately thinks it's the other nurse. So, he acts like a total hot potato of a jerk. I didn't care if he was blind because I was going to hit him over the head with my rolling pin. Then there's the heroine, she just took on the whole idea, despite somehow knowing that she had no part in the incident of guilt for causing the hero's blindness. I mean she should have told him her full name and she was one of the nurses because that would have saved them a lot of drama. Plus, it never, never, and never occurred to her that when the other nurse accused her of deliberately hurting the hero because he rejected her that it would be deemed suspicious. I mean, the woman was pretty specific in why the heroine "hurt" the hero. Plus, if such accusations were made then why didn't the hospital board get involved in it because they have a nurse making accusations on another for not just causing harm to an employee/coworker but as well as a valuable asset to their staff. Furthermore, the heroine just takes it all in till the hero is sent to the hospital for protecting the heroine from a madman with a machete that the whole thing is cleared. Then the miracle happens: the hero lost half of his arm but gained his eyesight back. So, now, it's all kisses and I love you's and I feel a migraine coming on. The hero apologizes for his horrible words and actions, the heroine forgives him and they make new way for the baby coming. For me, it was just a lot of unnecessary drama that would have been solved with common sense.

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he can see again.... but wait.. 4  4

Very likeable characters. I do feel terribly awful for the hero. Like he just cant catch a break. I couldve do without the "exchange" condition bit... really. Its just so cruel. First he became blind then he had to give away something again to gain sight..its too mean. Hes the new bad luck brian (paul)

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Liked it 5  5

Nice story. Yes, there was drama, but that's also why it was interesting to read.

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