The Italian's Wife by Sunset

Pure Romance The Italian's Wife by Sunset

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The Italian's Wife by Sunset

Della, a TV producer, scouts Carlo Rinucci, an up-and-coming archaeologist, as her navigator for a new show. She quickly heads to Pompeii where he is working on an excavation. Upon meeting, the two unite passionately. However, Della already knows that for a man from a distinguished family such as his, this can only be a momentary fling. Also, she is seven years his senior with a child of her own. Even if he proposes to her seriously, she knows she can't subject him to her secret. In front of his relatives, she purposefully hurts him, and declares their separation.

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editor's comment - May 23rd, 2014

This is the fourth of The Rinucci Brothers series. It happens in Pompeii Italy when heroine meets hero. Also, unlike the other Harlequin stories, heroine is 7 years older than hero and has a son in his eighteen. How they fall in love with each other is though fast, you still can find out that hero loves heroine so much that he keeps on emailing her after she went back to London.
Although it maybe not supported by others, heroine finally accept hero as she knows his real feeling. And there's beautiful ending scenery.

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an actual good plot 4  4

The heroine is a famous archeologist who's making a documentary about Pompeii. During her time on the island, she runs into the hero who's seven years younger than her. She thinks the moment he hears the age difference with her being older than him as well as having an 18 year old son will send him packing. The hero does find the whole thing a new frontier but it doesn't keep him from wanting to get to know the heroine more. Through their passion for artifacts and history, they begin a relationship that develops well even after the hero meets the son who's all for his mother having a beau in her life. The hero does talk about marriage between them a lot, which upset the heroine quite a bit. Unfortunately, the hero didn't give his family a heads up on his new girlfriend and his mother has been pushing him to marry a childhood friend who seems to think they were in a relationship because he lead her on but he's always clearly stated that she's been a little sister. The heroine sees the tension and as well as the disapproval from both the OW and the mother that she lies to the hero that the only reason she was ever with him was take use him for her documentary. The hero doesn't believe her lies at first till she doesn't respond from his constant messages. He's pushed by his twin and mother to go to the heroine since they see through her lie. When the heroine sees the hero again, she tries to reach out before he leaves but she has a heart attack. She's able to pull through and the hero learns of heroine's past. The heroine has had a weak heart that almost stopped once when she was giving birth to the son. Then she gave up custody when she realized of could she possibly be single mom with a weak heart when her ex-husband had a healthy wife who couldn't have children. The son knows that everyone was only thinking the best for him but he still wanted to be with his mother. Then there's the fact that she may die sooner and that's why she didn't want to marry the hero because she didn't want make him suffer. When the hero and the heroine are alone, they open up their true feelings to each other. They share a kiss and skip to the ending where the hero and heroine are getting married. It really was a good plot and brought up some interesting subjects.

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