Captive Loving

Romance Captive Loving

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Captive Loving

Never once in her seven years of married life was she happy. Nevertheless, Jessica never leaves her husband, Andrew, for the sake of her only child, a daughter named Penny. But at a party one night, Jessica's husband starts talking about wanting to divorce her. Jessica is blown away by the shock. And then a tall, mysterious man approaches her....

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sledgehammering the walls 3  3

The heroine has at least seven years worth of walls around her heart from her horrible marriage with a man who emotionally and mentally abused her with his words and actions. I mean, the man has dangled his multiple affairs in front of her and the world. He tells her she's not good at anything and he barely spends any time with his own child. Now, he tells her out of the blue that he's leaving her for his crummy mistress and taking their daughter because he's seen as financially stable. The one thing that has kept her sanity and the whole thing has her running back home with the hero driving her. It also seems that fate had enough of the jerk because that very night, the husband and his mistress get into a horrible accident that kills him and severely injuries her. The heroine has her daughter back but she's left with a severe amount of debt and distrust towards men, like the hero who is one of the good ones. This guy was between gently tapping on the cracks to practically hitting the heroine's walls with a sledgehammer. He pays for the husband's funeral service, offers her to pay the husband's debt (the man was embezzling from the hero's company & he wasn't alone), he gives her jobs without her knowing, spends time with the little girl, and trying to show love to the heroine. The hero thinks the woman is still in love with the husband but he seems to have no idea how bad the man was to the heroine. The heroine doesn't love the husband but she doesn't know how to love herself or put herself in high worth because of the abuse. Now, they get married but there are still issues, one of them being the hero's secretary who was the dead husband's mistress. She tells the heroine that she's going to ruin by stealing the hero away. When the hero and secretary finally go on a trip, the heroine finally realizes that she loves the hero and sets out with the daughter to see him. During this time, the secretary attempts to seduce the hero but he shuts her down with news that 1) he's married & 2) he knows she conspired with the husband to embezzle company money. In anger and desperation, the secretary reveals about the husband's coldness to the heroine and the hero finally gets an idea of the whole truth. The hero pushes her away with notice that she's fired, the embezzled money is her severance package, and to never darken his doorstep. The hero goes home to see the heroine and daughter leaving the house. The hero learns from the daughter they were going to go see him. The heroine finally reveals the truth of her marriage to the hero and the hero reveals he knows and is very comforting to the heroine. With the truth finally out, the two take a step in their relationship and their marriage. We end with them starting a new chapter in their married life.

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