The Boss's Inexperienced Secretary

Romance The Boss's Inexperienced Secretary

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The Boss's Inexperienced Secretary

Kim applies for a job in the head office in order to get back at her mean coworkers for calling her "Amazon Abbott" behind her back because of her height. The job is for the position of secretary to the head office president, Blaise West—such a dream job. While in the interview, Kim is shocked to find out how wild Blaise actually is. Blaise is so tall that the six-foot-tall Kim has to look up, even when wearing her heels. Kim is instantly attracted to Blaise. Her dream comes true and she obtains the job, but she finds herself being more attracted to him, which makes her feel rather confused. Blaise says, "Love is nothing but a word." Kim thinks to herself, I can't fall for my boss!

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3.5 the struggle with office love 4  4

The heroine applies for the same position as the nasty gossiping Gabbies in order to show them up. When the hero hears why the heroine is applying and sees her accomplishments, he hires her on the later in the evening. That gave her a chance to tell it to their faces on the ride in the elevator. That was quite satisfying for me in terms of revenge. The two develop a relationship from being good boss and employee to friends. The heroine makes a great impression on the hero's daughter who was finally told by the heroine that her attitude was something that needed to be worked on and she invited the heroine to her birthday party. The two are so shy against romantic relationships since their previous partners broke their hearts and they struggle to take the leap of faith in love. They go through all these hot then cold moments to where the heroine decides enough is enough. She tells the hero that she's quitting because she's fallen in love with him and leaves. She wakes up the next morning with the hero knocking on her door. He sits down with the heroine and says that her phrase caught him off guard because it was the same phrase his mother used when she left him behind. I actually liked the confession seen between the two of declaring their love for one another. The ending was great with the wedding scenes and I enjoyed this story.

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Not as bad as I expected but not great either. 3  3

I looked at the reviews and I was sure this one was going to bother me since I see so many low scores. However, I didn't mind it as much as I thought I would. The art was pretty good. The girl was especially drawn well. I can say without a doubt this is the type of story that nearly every romance reader has read before. It is one that has been done any number of times... but the fact that it's not really unique doesn't really make it bad. The reason storylines become overused is because of their counterparts being popular and there being a demand for a similar type. Still, if you're looking for something that has anything unique to it, this story is not for you. It's a classic harlequin type of story between a playboy boss and his secretary. The guy has baggage and the girl softens his heart with "love" or infatuation depending on how you look at it. A very cliche storyline, but the storyline still has it's pull and it is executed well, even if there is not much different or new about the manga other than physical characteristics of the characters. Overall, I liked it enough. It wasn't great but I didn't feel like I wasted my time reading it.

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Not my favourite one... 2  2

Too many stereotypes (boss+secretary)... Quite 'flat' plot and characters. Nice, but not very interesting...

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