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Romance The Last Kolovsky Playboy

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The Last Kolovsky Playboy

Aleksi is the dashing president of a high-end brand; he works hard and lives his life as a playboy. Kate was selected to be his secretary because he thought it would be safe to work with her since she's a little big and not the sharpest one. Knowing this, Kate's kept her secret crush on Aleksi for five long years. One day, Aleksi is involved in a car accident. While Aleksi is away in recovery, his coldhearted mother schemes to take over the company. To fight back against his mother, Aleksi decides to pretend to be engaged to Kate to counter his bad reputation!

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fell in love in the delivery room 4  4

I loved the hero within the first few pages because of what he did for the heroine when she was just a temporary secretary. The heroine has recently given birth but the father wanted no part, her parents are late coming, and the woman right next to her who has given birth as well is surrounded by husband and family. Guess who comes in with toys and balloons but her boss (the hero) to congratulate the heroine. He plays the part of the loving spouse and stays right by her side till her parents come. I was so impressed this that I had my hands clapping in the air. They stayed in touch, he sent gifts to the little girl, and when he became the boss, he made the heroine his secretary. So, the two have developed a friendship to where the hero is somewhat of a big male mentor figure in her daughter's life. Currently, the hero is trying to get back on the horse after a bad accident and his mother trying to take over the business but she has no head for it. Plus, the hero senses something about this new business partner that his mother has been meeting. The heroine has also made an impact on the hero's life because after his accident, she would visit him everyday after work even though she had a kid to care for. The hero also starts remembering things like his father physically abusing him and learns why. Luckily, for him the heroine is there to help him. Throughout the plot, the hero falls in love with the heroine and figures out why he was beaten so much: he discovered a birth certificate to a missing older brother that his parents left in Russia before they were married. Dun Dun Duh! Later on, the hero faces the mysterious business partner who he can tell is trying to destroy the company and that he's the long lost brother. When the mother finds out, she tries to run after him but he rejects her. When the hero and heroine are finally alone, the finally talk things out and learn the other loves them. It's a nice ending and I sincerely hope the hero's oldest brother finds love because he's had so little of it.

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