Seduced by the Boss

Pure Romance Seduced by the Boss

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Seduced by the Boss

It must be a love letter…. Megan is the secretary to her handsome boss, Dan. Lately, he has been receiving a letter every day, which bothers her very much. Overcome with curiosity, she finally asks him about the letters. He has been troubled by a girl thirteen years younger than him who has been coming on to him. Her suggestion is for him to pretend that he has a girlfriend and he forces her to take on that role!

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He needed help on this one 3  3

Yeah, I can't really disagree with the hero's methods of using the heroine to fend off a family friend who's a nineteen year old girl. I mean when I write down what she did in the book, you will understand. In the beginning, the poor man is at a loss of how to reject this girl who's like a little sister gently when she has such a huge buildup of wax in her ears that keeps her from understanding the hero doesn't want her. Although, he made a big mistake of getting her a diamond necklace for her birthday. Idiot!! The heroine is able to tell him that it was a huge mistake because of what a diamond necklace means, but really, giving a teenager a diamond necklace is ultimately dumb. The heroine suggests the hero gets a fake girlfriend to send a message to the girl. Unfortunately, the hero takes the heroine's advice and the heroine ends up at the unlucky and only candidate. The hero gets the heroine to agree on the fact that her favorite actor will be there for her to chat. She given makeup and dress tips to help with the look and it makes a big impression on the hero and his group. Her first meeting with the Girl was atrocious because she just walked right past the heroine and threw herself all over the hero. Later on, the hero suffers from his attraction with the heroine because he can't sleep in the same bed as her. The heroine handles herself well against the Girl without being rude and an applause was earned by me. We skip to a few scenes to a party where the Girl makes a complete fool of herself: she strips off her dress to go swimming, making the hero go in after her to pull her out. Then when he goes to change out of his wet suit, she barges into his room and pulls him onto the bed when the heroine comes in. The hero shouts at the Girl who's shocked that the man could possible by yell at her. She tries to have the last word with the heroine but it's the heroine who has the last word. The heroine tells her that she pities her and how she herself couldn't stand the humiliation. Then the heroine and the hero have the passion in the bed but the hero says they should pursue their relationship anymore since they work together. Afterwards, the heroine starts dressing up and putting on makeup. Her appearance is throwing the hero off guard so badly that he almost takes her across his desk. Then the hero has the heroine transferred because he can't work either but he still calls her. Afterwards, the heroine is invited by her favorite actor to a wedding as thanks for her advice to start on documentaries. It's the wedding where the hero is at too. We have a big open hearts between the hero and heroine with them revealing their feelings to each other. it's a nice little ending and it was an alright story.

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