The Italian's Virgin Bride

Romance The Italian's Virgin Bride

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The Italian's Virgin Bride

Be brave! In order to continue the hotel chain her father bankrupted, Opal has been forced to seek outside financial support. She gathers her resolve and approaches the owner of an international hotel chain, Domenic, to make her case. Even though he is an infamous playboy, Domenic is widely respected in the hotel business. While he seems interested, he says things like "Will your lips taste as good as you look?" He's interested in her, not her business! What's more, there's one condition for his financial support: that she becomes his bride....

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difference of hotel standards 4  4

The heroine goes to the hero in an effort to save her six star hotels that have housed ambassadors, princes, and bigwigs bigger than the hero's clientele of tourists, businessman, and rockstars. The heroine gives him a chance to learn from their methods if he buys a share of their hotels to save them from being sold. The hero agrees to the proposal if the heroine agrees to the additional condition of her marrying the hero. The heroine is against it at first because she watched the ruin of a marriage her parents had with her father's constant cheating. However, she agrees to the contract since she loves the hotels, the staff, and the charitable home she sponsors for women needing a refuge from abusive marriages that's named after her deceased mother. Now, the wedding went well with the heroine handling the hero's ex like a pro but she took offense to the hero saying she needed to gain more weight so she could provide him with an heir. I don't know what went through the hero's mind to say such a turn off phrase because, "Get fatter to have my kid" doesn't really spark anything, just douses the mood. It's the match that starts with a hot fight and ends with a cold night. It gets worse when the heroine's sisters state that they saw the hero getting into a taxi with the ex last night and she lies to make it not look bad. When the two are on their honeymoon, the hero gives the heroine the reins to take the initiative towards anything private and she does take the first step. Two months later, the heroine gets dizzy with the hero calling a doctor who gives the news of their countdown in seven months. The two are practically overjoyed but there are a lot of things hanging over the heroine's head like the taxi thing. The heroine decides to distance herself from the hero and furthers it when she receives a text from the ex who was using the hero's phone. The heroine is able to live the life of her mother that she starts to pack and collaspes. She wakes up in shock when she see her mother standing over her alive and well. Apparently, the father chased the mother away after her first suicide attempt and the hero found her to bring her back to the heroine and her sisters. When the heroine is discharged, the hero and heroine finally have a sit-down on recent events. The hero says that he was only meeting the mother and the ex barged in. He also says on the taxi night, he returned to the hotel ten minutes later alone. The hero admits to wanting the heroine for a long time. I quite liked the ending between the two.

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The Italian's Virgin Bride 5  5

The story was smooth and interesting. I wish they would show some picture of his parents while, he was talking on the phone. Even when the story was about them. And also how the baby would look like too. But end all this is a great novel.

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