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Romance The Billionaire's Bride of Convenience

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The Billionaire's Bride of Convenience

As the son of a distinguished family, Hugh is temporarily forced to take on the role of CEO in place of his father. While Hugh used to be a playboy-type that favored women over work, his competent secretary, Kathryn, cuts out any time for play in his schedule, leaving him nothing but work-filled days. Despite his resistance in the beginning, Hugh finds himself slowly falling for Kathryn to the point where he hardly even looks at other women. One morning, upon seeing Kathryn with a bruise on her face and her eyes swollen from crying, the feelings Hugh kept inside come flowing out all at once…

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editor's comment - December 4th, 2015

The Hero is a typical playboy who has never been serious at work, but since he's fallen in love with a new secreaty, he at least comes to work everyday. He finally finds a way that both Hero and Heroine can be happy together. At first it didn't seem to be working but in the end both find what make them truly happy. It is not money neither fame...

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I love it! 5  5

I love manga

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Boss+Secretary=love 4  4

This story is very nice, especially due to the well-described peculiar traits of the hero and the heroine! Even if... The hero could have realized his love for her earlier than he actually did! ;-) Anyway, it's a comic I would suggest, no doubt!

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Romantic 4  4

Kathryn needs to be married before her 30th birthday in order to inherit the house that has been her safe heaven since she was little. If she doesn't marry, she'll lose the house which means everything to her. Kathryn is currently working as a PA to a handsome billionaire, but she also realizes that Hugh is nothing more than a spoiled playboy. When Hugh comes to her rescue because of her jealous fiancé. She's more than confused, Hugh more than comes to the rescue, he proposes they marry so that she can get her beach house and he plans have Kathryn physically as part of the deal. Most office romances are like a whirlwind; theirs' is no different and Hugh can't seem to get enough of Kathryn. During their short stay together, they begin to share personal details about their childhood. It has become a very emotional and confusing love affair for them both. His desire for Kathryn frightens him and he is afraid that he'll turn out just like his father, going from one woman to another. However, what I loved so much about this beautiful romance was when Hugh realized he was not just like his father, that he cared enough about Kathryn to let her go and so he cut her loose.

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