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Romance The Salvatore Marriage

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The Salvatore Marriage

Shannon’s sister, Keira, is critically injured in a car accident, the same one that killed Keira’s husband, Angelo. It’s Luca, Angelo’s brother—and Shannon’s ex—who delivers the tragic news to her in London. “Are we alone?” he asks, barging into her home and searching through it. Shannon shakes with anger, realizing that he must be looking for a man. They’d been in love two years ago, until Luca accused Shannon of cheating while he was away and broke up with her without even letting her explain. Who would have thought she’d meet him again, and like this, of all the ways?

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editor's comment - May 30th, 2014

The story starts from a sad accident which heroine's sister died in it. However, because of the accident, hero and heroine, were a couple, meet again. And they found the misunderstanding was just because the love of the other couple. It is really interesting because the other couple happens to be hero's brother and heroine's sister. As heroine would like to protect her sister, hero's brother loved heroin's sister so much that he didn't tell hero the truth. And this makes hero and heroine separated. Well I think I may make you confused so you'd better read it yourself!

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Gosh I want to punch their siblings in the gutt. 3  3

I dont know how to feel about the fact that an honest relationship was destryoed and a virtuous girl was branded a hoe because her weak willed cheating sister guiltied her to take blame for her sleeping around. WHy does she deserve to die a martyr while the kind sister have to endure being looked down upon and treated like dirt by everyone else. My goodness. They also left their daughter alone. Anyways, they finally get closure. But had it not been for Luca prying around then what would have happened? Shannon is far too nice and kind for her own good. Now shes going to care for her sister's daughter her entire life. I mean really, someone really needs a good slap in the face. And a smack in the head for Luca for letting his own insecurity get a hold of him. Dude, youre rich and handsome why be insecure. You should be anything BUt.

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Love, secrets and sacrifice 4  4

Great story! I like so much this couple: the heroine is sensitive and generous, the hero is passionate and... jealous! They do love each other. M.Fujiwara's art is lovely. I rate 4 stars (and not 5) just because... the heroine's 'self-secrifice' is really excessive! And (as you can read)... useless.

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