The Bachelor Chronicles

Pure Romance The Bachelor Chronicles

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The Bachelor Chronicles

Erin is a reporter writing a "Guide to Rich Bachelors" series of articles that explores Portland's richest and handsomest men, all in the hopes of being recognized as a full-fledged writer. But the men she interviews are a bunch of worthless, arrogant womanizers. Just like her ex-husband was. The last interviewee for her series is Jared Warfield, a difficult man to get along with who despises the media, and who wears expensive brand-name shoes and watches. Of course. And yet…he's also a man who adopted and is raising the orphaned child of his late stepsister. Do such incredible men really exist?

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editor's comment - May 30th, 2014

I believe that everyone thinks that a rich bachelor must be a playboy or womanizer. And that is also what heroine thinks about hero. Hero was not trust heroine as a reporter, and neither do heroine. However, after she interviewed hero, she knows that hero is very different to others. And that makes them become closer to each other. Unlike the other Harlequin billionaires, the hero is just like someone who you can really meet on the street, and I think that is also one of what the story is worthy to read.

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We love down to earth people 4  4

The heroine in the midst of writing about her City's rich eligible bachelors but has grown tired of the egotistical and playboy jerks who flaunts their money. That is till she meets the hero who is a down to earth guy and wants nothing to do with the heroine's article after she compares him to the usual stock of men. The more she finds out like his hard work achievements plus placing himself as guardian to his step-niece, she becomes more determined to get his article. He only agrees to it after the insistence of his PR. The heroine job shadows the heroine around. After the article, the heroine goes to cover on the hero's blind date. However, it turns out the woman only wants the her to donate to her psychic society. Thankfully the chicken legs and dogs scare her off. The heroine ends up being the hero's date but they have a great time together. Then he meets the heroine's mother whose every breath is nagging, whining, criticizing, or blabbing about the heroine with all her bad points. So, the hero decides to get even by putting up all these silly lies like his dad in prison, his mother runs a worm farm, and he steals old newspapers, etc. It was so funny that I laughed my head off. His actions actually propel the heroine to reveal her husband was a man her mother chose but he was domestically abusive, had an affair with the heroine's best friend, and left her with piles of credit card debt. We also get to see the hero's past where family's tragedies were used as fodder for the paparazzi. The heroine meets the hero when his anxiety is high and only realizes it after her boss wants her to do a gossip article on his family. She only takes the job to keep a sleazy coworker from dragging the hero's name through the mud. She goes to the hero and is upfront but she states that she won't write it. He opens up to her about his family past. She tells her boss she didn't write it and gets fired. Sleazy coworker posts the article because he had an informer but the hero believes the heroine betrayed him. He marches over to her house and throws a lot of accusations on her for her "betrayal". By then, the heroine has had enough and ousts him. Then the heroine tells the mother to buzz off and shuts the door in her face. Days pass, the hero reads the fine print of someone else claiming to write the write. The heroine also learns from a former colleague that the boss wants her back. During this time, the hero is going all blazes in searching for the heroine to apologize and fearing he's lost her forever. He does find her eventually and he says a lot of apologies. The heroine forgives him on the condition that he allow her to write another article about him that will take away all the misunderstandings and the slander. The hero agrees and declares his love for the heroine. The heroine returns her love and we get a cute ending with them all.

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