Romance A Spanish Inheritance

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A Spanish Inheritance

Annalisa never met her father, so she’s surprised one day to learn that he has left her a vast orange grove in his will. It's a bizarre move for the cold-hearted man who abandoned her mother before Annalisa was even born. To claim her inheritance, she visits the Spanish island of Menorca, where the dangerously handsome millionaire Ramon saves her from drowning in the sea. His mysterious and yet suave charm sets Annalisa’s heart racing. In order to protect her father’s loyal workers and the livestock, she’s determined to revive the orange grove, but that means pitting herself as an enemy against Ramon…

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Cute 4  4

This Harlequin was really cute. I liked it a lot. I guess, the only thing I was not too fond of was how she slept with him before finding out that she misunderstood that the woman she thought was his wife wasn't. Otherwise, it was good.

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It was fine 3  3

It was a nice book and there were interesting parts in it. For example, the heroine puts her all into making the farm work as a way to keep the workers from losing their homes and jobs. This is even though, the inheritance is from the man she never met and apparently, didn't pay the child support payments. I don't blame her for her hesitance in accepting the gift. The hero is just a gentleman to the heroine, he sees her amazing personality and tries to help her on in making her farm a success. They have their own growing development but the heroine thinks that the pretty woman with the children in the picture at the hero's house is his wife when it's really his sister but it's not discovered till the end of the story. I was fine throughout the plot, even with the horrible wife of the heroine's father. I mean, everyone there like the servants didn't like her for her horrible and material matters personality. The heroine finds out from the lawyer that the farm is in debt (most likely from the evil wife's receipts) and gives up but comes back. However, at night, the evil woman attacks the heroine with a knife and intends to kill her. Now, that's not what got me; what got me was the sweet housekeeper who was always so nice to the heroine helps the evil wife almost commit murder on an innocent girl. I just was mad, I know that she was being back into the corner but this is set in Spain, where the majority of the population is catholic and murder is considered a huge mortal sin without the appropriate reasons like self-defense and such. She knew what the woman was doing, did nothing to stop her, and even assisted her. Luckily, the hero comes in and saves the heroine and we get a happy ending. Yet, I just got a back taste from the betrayal from the housekeeper.

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