One Hot Texan

Romance One Hot Texan

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One Hot Texan

After spending his whole childhood being raised in an unhappy home, Cole McCallum turned rebellious, dating nothing but superficial women and gaining a bad reputation. He was the most despised person in town, except for those women smitten with him. Now, Cole needs a partner for a marriage of convenience and he picks the town's latest bloomer, Virginia. He's looking forward to giving this inexperienced virgin girl a night she'll never forget. After their simple wedding ceremony, Cole kisses her deeply in their shared hotel room while caressing her body—and is met with an unexpected response!

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Bake for love 5  5

This story had its giggles and thumbs up. In this story, we have a play boy of a hero who is down on his luck from losing his millions because of bad friends, coming back to a town that treated him horribly. He meets the heroine who has just come out of her mother's harsh thumb b her death. I liked how it was the heroine who first asked to dance, she was really brave for being a shy girl. I liked how the hero and heroine share the feeling have having nasty gossip spread around them. There is nothing wrong with not having your first kiss at the age of twenty five but having the hero find out was hilarious. The hero was also a sort of gentlemen when taking the drunk heroine home and putting her to bed; not touching her I may add. The next morning, comes up with a proposition for the heroine that they should marry because in order for the hero to gain his inheritance, he has to have a wife. It was interesting for them to go to Las Vegas to get married. What I liked that was the heroine saying no to the hero to have sex with him. That was strong. I was glad that the hero didn't force, though he was angry. If he was such a good real estate, he should have gone through with the heroine of what would happen if they got married. I just liked the onward of how everyone found out that the hero and heroine married. It was interesting to find the hero trying to work labor on the ranch. I also liked how the hero said that the heroine's last name was his and how when he came to the bank where the heroine and planted a big kiss on her. It was hilarious. It was good to see them bond and grow over, especially with the hero teaching the heroine about American football. I feel so sorry for the heroine and her mother. The mother may have had some good points but her treatment at her daughter and friends was wrong. I liked how the hero is learning to do things with the heroine even if he doesn't like them like going to a football game with a co-worker and her husband. I also loved how the heroine handled one of the exes of the hero. Way to go. I love the hero's confession of wanting to be with the heroine and the fact that after their first spat, he hasn't touched any woman. I also found it hilariously of how the hero and the heroine are going over on how to do it because condoms are only 98% percent effective and ended up going with the pill. However, the hero has to wait a month before they are effective. It was so funny watching the hero's reactions. I was impressed with the hero for being able to wait a month and then on the day they are going to do it. The heroine has spend a late night helping some friends with cooking. The hero was amazing because instead of going over to the friend's house and yelling or waiting for to yell. He went straight over and helped bake. Bake for love. I also learn how some of the rumors of the hero of back when he was in high school were ridiculous because being associated with the Mafia in Texas? There was a scary obstacle that cam along. But I love how the hero made it up with the heroine. Just giving it up all for her was so sweet. The ending was just so sweet.

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