I Married A Prince

Romance I Married A Prince

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I Married A Prince

Allison Collins, a small-town librarian, still remembers the day that the father of her child abandoned her when they were still students in college. Years later he’s returned, and he’s got some unbelievable news: he’s Jacob van Austerand, the Crown Prince of Elbia! In a whirlwind of uncertainties, Allison suddenly finds herself in Elbia battling her own emotions, Jacob’s so-called faithfulness and the King of Elbia himself!

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bit on tittering 3  3

It was alright but the first part didn't appeal to me. So, the heroine gets an invite from the hero who disappeared on her when they were dating. She only knew him as a normal man, not as a crown prince of a small country. The only reason the hero is seeing the heroine is say good-bye and ends things for good so he can marry the girl suitable to his dad's standards. That is until he sees the son and coaxes the truth out of the heroine. I know the attempt to be standoffish with wearing a suit to a party but it did little since she fell right into bed with him. Then he pushes the whole marriage factor when the paparazzi catch wind of the hero's illegitimate offspring. Yet, the man states that they'll only marrying to save face & he'll divorce her in a year, so he can marry the perfect woman. I think I might have throttle him had I been the heroine's sister. The heroine agrees because she doesn't want her family to be harassed by the paparazzi. Right after their ceremony, the paparazzi surround them but the heroine handles them all with class. Once, they're at the hero's palace, the hero's right hand asks the heroine to support the hero. For a while, the hero meets and charms the hero's household staff with her positive & hardworking attitude with cataloging the library and more. At the beginning, the heroine and hero's relationship was distant but they grow closer to the point the heroine comes to bed with him. Afterwards, the hero disappears and the hero's father appears with a bone to pick with the heroine. He talks about how she's not worthy and the hero will divorce her soon to marry the eligible noble lady. It's because the hero agreed to meet with her. However, it's the heroine who has the best comeback by declaring she loves the hero and doesn't regret having her son. She decides to trust the hero. Thankfully, the hero has been going through old scripts and history books to support his marriage to the heroine. He manages to find the evidence that will solidify their marriage. It's right there that the RH confesses he was the one who leaked information to the paparazzi. It is because he saw the hero had found the love of his life and wanted to support him since the hero didn't realize himself. On the night of the ball, we get: the OW, hero, heroine, and more. The OW makes her usual snob comment and the heroine almost leaves till the RH encourages to stay. The hero makes a big announcement by showing evidence of a past King who married a commoner and how well received their marriage was by the public. The hero conducted this huge search in order to show the only woman he wants to be queen is the heroine. The dad gives in since it would be agains the rules and the OW throws a antrum. Her actions open the dad's eyes of just how unfit she was to be a Queen. The King compliments the heroine for her words the last time they spoke and sees she's the best fit to be queen. In the end, the public votes yes for the heroine. Then the heroine and hero confess their love each other one after the other. It was a very sweet and they have a big wedding. After the father gives him his blessing, the heroine reveals the song will have a new sibling soon. Then we end it on a happy ending. It was alright, I just didn't like the first part but it did get better.

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