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Pure Romance Her Hired Husband

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Her Hired Husband

Sally wants nothing more than to have a baby, but her upper-class grandparents will not accept an illegitimate child. So Sally decides to have someone pretend to be her husband while her grandparents come to visit, and that someone ends up being the unsuspecting Noah Barrett. Due to a prolonged visit, their charade must last longer than expected. Will Noah and Sally be able to fool her grandparents in such close quarters?

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pregnant already! 4  4

It is a bit surprising that when the hero and the heroine first meet, the heroine is already heavily pregnant from being artificial inseminated. Not to mention of how they stick together because the heroine's grandparents who kicked the heroine's mother out for marrying a "blue collar" fire fighter. The heroine has a deep grudge since they are visiting long after their daughter's death but she needs a hired husband so they won't criticize her for being an unwed mother or something like that. The hero I will say has been a gentleman because he only came to the house because the heroine's brother had left some goggles that are needed for a vacation, gets pulled into the heroine's scheneagien because she thinks that the hero is the person is acting out as the hired husband and he plays along for her sake. The hero stays, missing his flight for his first vacation in three years. Then just as the grandparents are about to leave, the grandfather trips, hurts his back, and refuses to go to the hospital leaving them to stay at the house, where the heroine and the hero have to keep playing house. I love the hero and the heroine's job: hero-obstetrician and heroine is an artist at welding. That is really cool. I must say that the heroine has a lot of bite, more than I like even though, she is dealign with the nine months pains of being pregnant and relatives that she is meeting for the first time against the hero. I like the hero's patience with her. She is also pretty judgmental on what doctors are as arrogant jerks, based on an ex-lover because he hated her job but her brother is a doctor and doesn't seem like a jerk, so shouldn't that be evidence enough that not all male doctors are horrible men. I did find it funny that the baby will be born on April 1st. I did find it cool that the heroine is making an iron cradle for her baby. It's a bit of a mini roller coaster for them. I did like the part of where the hero is feeling for the baby. It's so cute. They hit another bump, which does have me mad at the heroine because she is so judgmental and keeps getting judgmental on doctors unfairly to the hero because of her ex-lover doctor. Apparently, the guy wanted pale perfect hands. Pah! You don't find hands like those, for one thing, my hands are either smudged with ink or pencil, or cramped from typing. The heroine is starting to see what a great guy the hero is. I did like that it wasn't too late before the heroine forgave her grandparents and wanted them to be a part of her baby's life then after they leave to have the hero deliver the baby at a home birth. However, I hated that he left so suddenly. I am glad that the heroine told the grandparents the whole truth and they still accepted her and the adorable baby girl. I love with cute yawns between the heroine and her baby and when the hero comes in. It's absolutely adorable. A good book but you'll be pretty ticked at the heroine.

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