Romance Mistress and Mother

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Mistress and Mother

On the very night of her wedding, Molly’s new husband, Sholto Cristaldi, left her for another woman, Pandora. Molly, who was nineteen at the time, ran away after being betrayed by a man she adored. Her marriage was annulled, and the incident involving the wedding night became a huge scandal. Now, Sholto stands on top of the international money market and is a star of high society. On a stormy night four years later, Molly finds herself stuck in a house with Sholto and ends up spending the night with him. But it seems his heart still belongs to Pandora…

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no good 1  1

There is a reason I only put one star on this review is because of the terrible plot. I would have put no stars but they require me to rate by stars. A lot of the blame lies upon the man and this is not because I'm a woman and being sympathetic to the female heroine. When the hero and heroine first meet, it's starts off all nice but the female antagonist that the hero keeps running at hand and foot is there being her rude self. While, their dating, the hero cancels many of their dinner plans, outings, and whatever couples do to together because the other woman needs. He never gives the heroine a reason why he does it and the heroine can't figure out why. THEN, on their wedding night, the stupid hero leaves his bride because the other woman needs him and all because she is family. Hello! It's no wonder the heroine left, she was always second place to the other woman. The hero acts like it's her fault, like she doesn't understand. Well, how could she if the hero isn't trying to communicate her. The reason why, he tells the heroine of why he goes after the other woman isn't a good enough reason. If it's a family issue and you "love" this woman, then you should trust her enough to tell. Oh! Did I forget to mention that on their second attempt of a wedding night, the other woman needed him and he went after her. If I was the heroine, I don't care if he came back ten minutes later: I'm gone. The heroine deserved better as well as an explanation and a great big apology. which the hero did not give at all. I don't remember him saying, "I'm sorry for not being a good enough man and a total *bad word* to you." That is my opinion of the book.

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Mistress and Mother 3  3

This was a OK story, there was allot of misunderstanding on both party. From Molly point of view, she came from a strict family therefore the love wasn't there. But yet again she always let other people walkover her too. There was one person that cherish her in a short time, it was the old man Freddy that adore her like a daughter should be. And the other party is her husband Sholto Cristaldi, he would jump to the hoop for someone else beside his wife. But than try to play a bad person for awhile until it get his goal. That is his wife back.

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