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Pure Romance Evan

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Anna's nineteen, and she's had an unrequited love for Evan for two years. But the thirty-four-year-old Evan treats her like a child and doesn't respond to her attempts. Even that wouldn't make Anna give up on him, though, until one day when Evan comes to a party with his former lover! "Am I really that much of a bother to him?" Anna makes the decision to cut herself off from him. But, noticing how her attitude has changed, now Evan is the one with his heart in turmoil!

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editor's comment - June 27th, 2014

It is a love story for two teenagers. Well though the hero is already in his thirties, the trauma he had makes him afraid of love. And in my opinion, the act he shows to heroine is what teenagers will do. And heroine, who is nineteen, loves hero firmly but somehow gives up chasing hero as she realizes that hero doesn't love her.
The story is funny as you will see how boys act in love and how girls believe in love. And of course it is a happy ending.

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someone get me an aspirin 1  1

I had a real migraine with our main couple, it was just so ridiculous. This heroine is running after a man who's 15 years older than her since she was 17. You would think that this was somewhere in the fifties to sixties but I looked it up out of curiosity and found that the original book was published in 1991. What is the heroine thinking?! The girl is only 19 years old who's been running after a man for two years, not thinking under all his polite manner towards her that he's just not into her. It takes a party for the hero to bring an old flame to cool the heroine's feelings off. She finally gets the message that all that chasing she's been doing has pushed him to be so uncomfortable around her that he's got another woman to use as a shield. So, the heroine makes the decision to move on but it gets worse. The next time the two meet, the hero is all nice and polite but the heroine returns with a cool polite manner. She even apologizes for her behavior and leaves it at that. The hero is stunned by her sudden change and too bamboozled on what to do. He had his reasons for rejecting the heroine's advances on him: 1) the age gap (understandable) but number (2) had me shaking my head because the hero doesn't do virgins. His reason is that he once had a *when he was 19 & a virgin himself from the sound of it* fiancée and thought she shared the same feelings as him (desiring to have intercourse before marriage. However, when they went to bed, the fiancée freaks out and the hero tries to comfort her but hugs so she fights him, falls out of the bed, breaks a rib, calls him names, and spreads rumors around town about how violent he is.) This shook him up pretty badly, despite his brother reassuring him that the ex-fiancée was a money grubber witch His decision: act like a arrogant piece of crud that's stuck to the bottom of your shoe. I liked the heroine moving on by getting a new job but the hero goes after her. Here is how it played out, he initiates a kiss between then blames her for seducing him. He thinks he needs to make sure that she stays away from him by acting like a jerk, I'm sorry but she changed jobs so she could stay away from you. This keeps happening again, he runs into her and acts so rude and pigheaded that she runs off in tears. The whole incident pushes her to agree to marrying the playboy friend/boyfriend she's been seeing. The hero admits his horrible behavior and goes to apologize to the heroine with a large bouquet of roses. He has the audacity to state, "She's scared of me?" HELLO!!! You called her horrible names, criticized her past behavior, made her cry, and you wonder why she's flinching at the sight of you??!!! You, stubborn idiot!! Yet, a slice humble pie with the friend comes in and announces their engagement to the hero before he can say his apology and confess love to the heroine. The whole thing makes him speechless until the look from the heroine that she's doing what he wanted her to do. He tries to stop them but fails. He also finds out about the friend's playboy side and tries to convince both the heroine's mother and the heroine herself to break the engagement. Now, be advised the conversation between the hero and the heroine's mother was better than between the heroine and himself. In fact, he starts with the insulting, kissing, and more but the heroine shuts him down with saying that he's trying to humiliate her again. The hero tries to explain his actions but the heroine won't hear of it and kicks him out of her workplace. He sits and sulks, trying to figure out how to get the woman he's been denying for two years and harassing for about two weeks to come back into his arms. He got lucky when the heroine ended up in the hospital where he could shower her with his affection and gifts. He does tell the heroine of what happened in the past with his ex-fiancee and they start dating each other. It's not too long after the heroine is discharged from the hospital that he proposal marriage to the heroine and though she's surprised she agrees. However, the hero wants no sex until the honeymoon (As if they went farther than second base.)There's some open nudity in the country between the two but it isn't enough for the hero to take the plunge even when the heroine is all set and ready. In fact, he can't even do it the honeymoon night and runs away. The heroine is both upset and pissed over the ex-fiancee's last words to the hero still have such an impact on him. This is the only time I felt okay in the book, the heroine taking the initiative into seducing the hero. It's after they have sex that everything looks all peach keen but just the whole book wasn't up to my standards and I didn't enjoy it so much.

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