Di Cesare's Pregnant Mistress

Seasonal Romance Di Cesare's Pregnant Mistress

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Di Cesare's Pregnant Mistress

Interior designer Tamsin, by the bane of her own beauty, is mistaken to be aiming for a seat as the wife of the Earl of Grainger. While there is nothing but amity between the two, the earl's dear friend Bruno plots to tear the two apart. Bruno approaches Tamsin with his debonair charm and quickly leads her, naked, into his bed. Little does she know that it's merely a trap to show the earl how loose of a woman Tamsin really is!

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editor's comment - July 18th, 2014

This is an exciting story that hero is so strengthful to force heroine to be his mistress. And it is because the trauma which hero had when he was young. Heroine, as an interior, is beautiful but gets misunderstood by others. Hero asks heroine to work for him to redecorate his house and stay in the house with him. And they find themselves attractive to each other during redecoration. Heroine leaves hero since the redecoration is finished but she is pregnant. Will hero find her and how will they be?

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Barely ok 2  2

The hero is way too arrogant and the heroine is way too weak, more than the usual for a harlequin. The heroine has had a bad previous marriage and doesn’t want to repeat it, however she keeps seeing the hero even though he treats like crap, just does not work for me.

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Dig a little deeper 2  2

It was hard to understand the hero and his sources. I don't know who he was paying but it was only obvious that he was overpaying them with the crummy job that they did. It starts out with a young girl telling the hero that the woman next to her father who is the heroine that she's aiming for the title as the next wife of an Earl. The hero being a the knight in shining armor, states that he'll get rid of the woman. Now, you would think that in order to get rid of a hellish gold-digging send old men to an early grave woman, you would need some dirt on them. To get dirt, you need someone to investigate the them. Yet, instead of learning about the prey and laying a trap, the stupid hunter of the hero almost seduces the hero when the mutual friend of the hero walks in on them. The intrusion embarrasses the heroine to run into the bathroom. The heroine learns that the friend came in was because the hero called him in. She confronts him and he admits that he did because he wanted to get rid of the gold digging woman. Now here is all the information that he has on her: her brother's company that she works at is failing, then some odd years ago, she inherited a fortune from an old man without any relatives, married a successful banker: all which equaled going on a luxurious vacation and getting a new car. Plus, the reporter knows that they have been going to London but no idea where and how much money has been taken out of the friend's credit card. So, he orders the heroine to stay away from the friend. Nevertheless, the heroine stays on to be emotional support to the friend because he is suffering from the same cancer that took his wife's life and and can't bear to tell his family. Now here's what's interesting: the hero had within seven hours to get all this information from his subordinates but they seem to miss that the heroine got this inheritance from the old man because she was the person who drove him around, brought his groceries, and kept him company. Then about marrying that successful banker, they should have noticed that they divorced a half a year later that ended up with the heroine suffering from a miscarriage and took a vacation and bought a new car to get a fresh start. How did they miss that? Oh! And let's not forget the fact that they know that the hero and friend go to London every week but unsure what for. Plus, if the hero trusts the man so much, why doesn't he ask the simple question of, "Hey, friend, you know my family situation so pardon me if I'm asking about what exactly is your relationship with the heroine?" I can't say what the friend's response would be but at least the hero could have confronted the friend before resorting to his detestable actions. It gets really interesting because the heroine still takes the friend to hospital for his chemotherapy treatments. She goes to her next job to find that it was the hero using an alias because he knows that she still is with the friend but they haven't reported that they have been going to the hospital. How can you miss that big of a clue?! The subordinates, reporters, detectives are definitely doing a crummy job and getting overpaid. Moving on, the hero is ticked at the fact that the heroine has left the friend and proceeds to make her life miserable by making go to his family villa in Italy to renovate it in order to keep her away from the friend. I do like that even though she hates interacting with the cold front of a hero, she still goes to him to hear his opinion on what he wants the house to look like since he is the client. We learn that the hero's hard hatred comes from a past experience of a Gold-digging who wormed her way into his family and broke the relationship between his father and him. It's also when he learn that it was friend who supported the hero and became a foster father figure to him. It explains a lot but as usual, the hero has the wrong idea about the heroine. I did agree with the heroine on the hero's offer to be his mistress because if the man has such an opinion of a woman, then why would he allow himself to lay with such a woman??? Incredibly hurt by the hero's cruel words, the heroine has the recurring nightmare of her first husband leaving, saying that he didn't love her, and didn't even care about her losing their baby. It's quite heartbreaking and the lack of love causes her to go out into the rain. There is a confrontation between the hero and her; unfortunately, this leads the hero and heroine to sexual intercourse and I felt my opinion of the both of them lowered. Then the hero declares like some arrogant pinhead that the heroine is now his mistress and the heroine doesn't resist but silently agrees. Many brownie points were lost that day. The only thing that I found amusing was the confusion that both people were experiencing in their relationship. Once the project is done and the heroine starts packing for home; the hero stats pulling the macho spiel of how she enjoys all he is doing for him. There is a separation between the two and when the heroine goes to see him in Florence, the OW chases her out with the lies and the heroine goes home. Then, she finds out that she is pregnant and the hero finds out real quick. Wow, he found out so quick about the heroine's pregnancy, but he couldn't figure out about the friend's condition (sarcasm). He pulls the hated question," who's the father?" I would have slapped him because he failed human anatomy & sexuality, considering he was the only man who has done the deed with the heroine but thinks it was the friend's child. How? The two of them were living in separate countries. Then the hero says that if the child is his then they are getting married but the heroine gave him such a good a retort that would have smiled had the next page not have the heroine nearly suffer another miscarriage. Thankfully, they were able to save her and the baby. The hero finally learns of the truth about the heroine and her past and feels like a low down crustacean, which he deserves. After a few days of bed rest, the heroine and hero finally have a good talk but I would have wanted some crying from the hero, and a dash of groveling from what he did. I will say that the ending with the little boy was very cute.

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