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Pure Romance Her Real-Life Hero

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Her Real-Life Hero

Tara is a romance novelist who lives in a fantasy world. Even though she has no experience with real-life romance, her novels are very popular. Ever since that man moved into the house next door to her, she has been using him as the model for her next novel. She gives him the name “Jack Louis,” and shapes him to be the ultimate gentleman. She spends several days observing him from afar when he shows up at her house. “Hi, I'm Jack Louis, your next-door neighbor.” There's no doubt that it's him. How could this be? She hasn't shown her novel to anybody else. Could he have just leaped out of the pages?

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editor's comment - August 1st, 2014

Have you ever dreamed about the hero in your favorite novel showing up in the real life? This story is just it. The heroine, as a romance novel writer, met her neighbor in a rainy night and found that his is the same as whom in her novel. She is so surprise and what a coincidence, hero happened to fall in love with her at first sight. However, because of hero's trauma from ex-girlfriend, he couldn't trust heroine's love. After heroine published the book, hero read it, and he finally knows that truth.

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Eh... okay. 2  2

I didn't hate this one, but it wasn't one I'll probably re-read. Too many back and forth willful misunderstandings on the part of the lead female and male. The lead male likes the lead female but she turns him away and makes stupid assumptions, then she goes after him but he turns her away and makes assumptions then he goes after her again but she decides its over then she goes after him but he cuts her off... I just don't really go for that type of story. The art was... average. Not bad at all, but not the best either. Overall, I'd say this story was on the low end of average in my eyes.

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Stranger than fiction 5  5

Aw, I liked it a lot. We all know real life isn't like in novels, but we still hope for a happy ending.

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