Romance An Innocent Bride

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An Innocent Bride

After Katrina's parents died in a car accident, her loving aunt took her in and raised her. However, her aunt's days were cut short after being diagnosed with leukemia. Quick to tears in tough times, Katrina is given a cold reception by the doctor, Simon. In anger, Katrina storms out the hospital room, intolerant of his demeanor. Simon reflects on how he treated Katrina, and when he finally goes to visit her in the country, he finds that she is now living on her own, with no relatives at all. Cautious of his gentleness toward her, she slowly opens up her heart to him. While at the same time, could she be the one who finally rekindles the warmth in Simon's frigid heart?

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editor's comment - August 1st, 2014

Heroine, as a country girl, is raised by her aunt after parent's death. She meets hero in the hospital because of her aunt is ill, and hero is the doctor. However she refused hero's diagnose since she thought he is too cold to think of patient. In a chance, hero came to heroine and found her work so hard to be almost unhealthy, he helped her for her work and found that he fell in love with her. Meanwhile, heroine did the same as hero did. With their different background, will the love go well between them?

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very nice 4  4

The heroine and hero meet because the local town's doctor referred the heroine's aunt to the hero. The two of them get off on the wrong foot but after the cheerful and hardworking aunt dies, the two of them start to connect. The heroine has a bit of a rough start because everyone thinks that the aunt left the heroine a lot of money and the heroine doesn't have to work. Yet, the heroine has been left with very little inheritance money and needs to get a night job in order to uphold her aunt's reputation. I don't understand how she could think that, everyone has a good opinion of the woman and she worked as a teacher. So, even if she was thrifty, the aunt wouldn't have a lot of money. Nobody would blame the aunt if she didn't have a lot of money even if she was a hardworking woman. I found it funny of how well the hero integrated himself into little ladies meeting for the town's bazaar. The hero finds out about the heroine's night job, he starts helping her around with preparing the bazaar, gardening, and etc. I found it to be both sweet and romantic gesture from him. He respects her wishes in keeping her secret of working at night and he helps her: for example,when she loses her seasonal job, he helps her by getting her some renters that are some of his patients. The heroine goes out with the hero on a date in London but she is so overwhelmed by the fancy clothes and ball that she rejects his love. Luckily, the tenants show the heroine that she is the most important thing in the hero's life and she runs after the hero. the heart to heart confession is wonderful and I really liked the ending.

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cute story 4  4

I enjoyed this story quite a bit. It's also one of the harlequin without any smut, so if you want to read about an innocent romance, this is a good one to try out.

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Nice and sweet 4  4

Sweet story, it was a nice read.

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