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Romance Bond of Hatred

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Bond of Hatred

Sarah has just lost her beloved sister and is drowning in sadness when her gaze freezes on the man in front of her. She can't believe her eyes. That man is Alex Terzakis, a Greek businessman with a dizzying level of wealth and power. Sarah loathes this man: he knew that Sarah's sister, who was born with a weak heart, was pregnant, but he stole everything from her, anyway, and now he wants to take the child that Sarah's sister gave her life to birth. "I'll never let him get what he wants!" But Alex easily brushes off Sarah's desperate resistance, and the threats he whispers into her ear leave her limp and weak. "Oh, no...I can't do a thing."

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there was more hate than bond 2  2

So, the heroine hates the hero and his family with an intensity that would make Pompeii's volcano look like a candle. Her reason: the hero's brother was dating the heroine's sister and said that he was going to tell his brother about his marriage. However, when the brother is gone, the hero charges in like a battling ram, kicking the sister out of her apartment, saying her tricks to trap the brother have fallen, and to never see the brother again. He still stands by it even after finding out the sister is pregnant, believing it's not the brother's child. Sadly, the sister dies in childbirth and the hero pops up only a few hours wanting to see his nephew. Not the best time for you to make your appearance hero because the heroine calls him a murderer and a lot of other things. The hero leaves it at that and the heroine makes the decision to fight him with all she's got for custody of her nephew. The hero comes in wanting to take the child and have his brother raise him with his wife, which shocks the heroine because she had no idea that the brother was married. The heroine uses the court as a reason for the hero to back off, even when he tries to intimidate her, she sticks by it and he backs off for the day.The next day, the hero returns with new news that he misjudged the idea that his brother and the wife would take the child in and here I am thinking, "Big businessman with brain missed that important variable," (sarcasm). The hero still wants to take the little boy but the heroine won't let him. He says humiliating things to the heroine about naming her price and she decides to go along with it. Her price: he marries her on paper only because she can't stand the idea of having intercourse with someone she doesn't love. She says this as a way to scare him off but the next morning, he has her fired from the company he owns apparently. He tells the heroine that he agrees to her price. Some things are revealed that the hero had no idea of the sister being pregnant, otherwise he wouldn't have thrown her out and he never gave the order to give the sister a check to have an abortion. The idea of it makes him sick and asks what her answer is. She agrees to the agreement and they don't see each other until the ceremony. During this time, the heroine gets a new look, which surprises the hero a lot. They sign the contract & the hero says actually something nice to her but only about her new appearance. After that, the hero thinks she's putting on a show when she holds the nephew. She meets the grandmother of the nephew who's the hero and brother's stepmother and the brother's wife's birth mother (the wife is from a previous marriage). She finds out that the hero has placed a 24/7 nanny watch on the nephew to keep the heroine away. The dinner goes back because the hero has a surprise: the sister did know about the brother being married and having kids and even has a picture of the sister and the wife together with the kids. Ohhhhhhh, that was a shocker for the heroine. The hero accuses the heroine and her sister of scheming to trap the family. If the conversation couldn't end on a bad note, it does when the hero says that it's humping time. She realizes that both brother and sister have been lying to them and their lies have caused such discord in their lives. However, she has no proof of the brother saying he was marrying the heroine. So, their hot night ends has the morning of crumminess because the heroine tries to spilt up with the hero who won't allow it and it's just fight after fight after fight. One day, the heroine has enough and disappears in the limo and drinks into a stupor, not before getting a call from the hero who demands to know where she's at and she shouts she wants nothing to do with him and falls asleep in the back of the limo. She wakes up to a massive hangover and the hero. It seems that the two of them are trying to clear the air but the stupid brother and wife visit because the wife told the brother to confess that he lied to the hero and everything the heroine has said about the brother and sister was true. There is some yelling from the hero at the brother and I say good. Then the hero apologizes for his words and the heroine forgives him and suddenly it's all rainbows and kisses with hero saying that he's in love with the heroine and has always been drawn to her. Then end page shows them having a classic wedding with the veil and the church. However, the plot didn't sit so well with me.

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