Romance The Prince's Waitress Wife

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The Prince's Waitress Wife

London's rugby stadium is filled with excitement as it honors the gorgeous prince of Santaria, Prince Casper. While everybody else is having fun, Holly's mind is elsewhere—her fiancé broke up with her the night before. She is so upset that she starts to cry while serving the prince. Somehow the prince starts to comfort her and whispers sweet things into her ear. Holly is too distracted to realize that there are cameras pointing into their room. Holly has no idea of the scandal she has landed in!

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a bit hmmm. 3.5 4  4

It was okay but there were some things that had me believing that it should be a good book to read and then there were some things that made me feel distasteful when going through the pages between our main couple of the story. I feel like that the hero was only decent to the heroine before they even had a sexual moment and at the very end. For example, when the heroine met the hero, he gave her a handkerchief. Apparently, she was suffering from an awful breakup from an ex who wanted to a sexy blonde. The hero sees the heroine's distress at the ruby game and like a gentleman; he gives her a handkerchief to wipe away the tears. The heroine takes a blow, pops a button off her blouse, and this arouses the hero. Next, the hero decides to seduce the heroine and the woman lets him because she is at the moment vulnerable over the fact that another man wants her to feel better from her lost man. Then I get really mad at the man. The woman is a virgin, the hero has sex with her, and then gets mad at her for making him miss the kickoff. Excuse me!!!! I wasn't the one who was initiating the seduce & claim game with the woman. I don't know why the woman didn't give him a slap but kisses him. However, a kiss is dangerous, especially when it's seen on the hug flat screen t.v. This action gets the heroine fired and hears from the stupid hero. I was so thankful that the heroine had a friend to watch out for her. The hero acts like the ice king and two weeks later, it goes worse. The heroine is pregnant, doesn't know what to do, and the ex-boyfriend has come back with a dozen roses. Can it get any worse?! Yes, just saying it, jinxed it! The Ex finds a pregnancy test and it goes South. You think that he would go off in a huff and puff but not so, he goes to the paparazzi to give up information on the heroine's pregnancy.That is when Crud hits the fan. The hero is all but yelling because he compares her actions to other woman (insult). Yet, he can't just let her go because he appearance is different from his usual women and he has to keep up appearances. I don't know why the woman didn't throw him out of that apartment. We find out that the hero suffers from a tragedy of eight years ago: his brother, fiancee, and him were caught in an avalanche that killed the first two, left the hero severely injured and now the heir to the throne. We only learn till later that the hero found out that before the avalanche that his brother and fiancee were in a liaison because the fiancee was the gold digger. So, when he came to confront them, the brother and fiancee ran off into the snow and then the tragedy happened. Now, this doesn't make sense to me. We go back to the present where two weeks have passed & the hero and heroine's wedding is happening. Now, before the wedding, the heroine is getting small gifts from the staff because of how she has been treated them with kindness. She even goes to visit the hero's personal aide's son who is in the hospital in order to make sure that the he's doing okay. Not only that, she is the only one who notices that a child is getting slammed against the iron fences, hopes off the coach, and assists the child. I don't know how the hero still couldn't see what she truly was, a gold-hearted person and not a gold digger. The hero is as stubborn as a mule because he has sex with the heroine but he has made it crystal clear that this marriage is just a deal for the hero to keep appearance and the heroine gets a father for her baby. What I did like is that the heroine brought up good arguments against the hero like talking about his past but he doesn't take it so well. In fact, he doesn't believes that he's the father because the accident from 8 years ago had gotten his pelvis bone completely shattered, leaving his incapable of fathering a child. The only thing that I liked is that the heroine doesn't throw herself off the deep end but instead decides to prove that the baby is his and works hard to become a harder working princess of the country. She goes out to charities, learns the history, and meets the locals. She doesn't go out shopping or being a horrible woman. She puts 100% of herself into the being the best that she can be. The hero only takes her out on a date to Rome after she takes a very deep sleep from working so hard. However, when things start to heat up, the heroine gives the forbidden three-word-phrase, "I love you.". He turns to North Pole cold from the words and here we learn the truth from earlier. This leads the heroine to ask the hero if he could possibly love the child and the hero replies with a, "I don't know". His words cause the heroine to become so depressed that it worries the staff and has the personal aide tell the hero his worries. The hero thinks that the staff and aide are still being played by her. Yet, he stills goes to see her & uses the baby as a push for the heroine to get better but the heroine gets angry at his statement and I don't blame her outburst. The throwing of the pillow was right and she leaves him in a daze. I was so glad for her outburst because it was the only thing that pushed the hero to get a checkup of his impotence with doctor from eight years ago. During this time, the heroine runs into the Ex who acts pompous but actually apologizes for the paparazzi part. He evens makes the heroine realize her own unhappiness and see that she should leave the hero, go back to England, and raise her child. The heroine is helped by the Ex go back home. The hero comes home too late with the results from his test. He can have kids!!! But, the heroine is now gone! He even brings up a stupid question, "Did she leave the country?" When he clearly just stated that her passport was missing. We fast forward 18 months with the heroine working as a waitress again in a small little village with her little nine month old son. We can thank the sweet friend from earlier who took the heroine in and has been giving her hand in getting back on her feet. Suddenly, the hero appears right behind her with the proud speech of her leaving. I don't understand why she was apologizing but then he hugs her and pulls this I realized how terrible I was to you speech. Then he calls her beloved and his child. This shocks the heroine and who could blame her. I did like that she put her foot down on what was an apology. So, he did like just like she said, got down on one knee and said I'm sorry. The ending seemed sweet but with all that I have written up there, it was a bit of a hmm to me. If you want to read then go right ahead.

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