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Romance The Vengeful Husband

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The Vengeful Husband

After her father’s death, Darcy needs the inheritance that her godparent left her in order to pay off the family’s debt. However, in order for her to receive the inheritance, she must get married within a year. As a last resort, she places an ad in the newspaper and advertises for a temporary husband. She believes the problem is solved until she discovers that the man who answered her ad was a lover from three years ago. And he wishes to take revenge on her…!

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step by step 4  4

When rereading the story in order decide on the rate of stars, it like the story couldn't lead on any hints. You had to read everything in order to understand everything. The cinderella heroine puts out an ad to find husband in order to get an inheritance from another woman in order to keep up the manor. Though, it's never indicated if she has a job or not. She is a single mother who deeply cares for her child. The hero who is the father of the child wants revenge against the heroine for stealing a family heirloom. Although, it eludes me that the hero could have gotten it from the heroine at the place they were going to meet, she did mention the destination. I did like that the hero came to the heroine's defense against the horrible stepmother and sister, mentioning her fiancee leaving her at the altar because he fell in love with the heroine's friend (feelings not mutually), as well as the house. I was happy that the heroine mentioned how they partied a lot. It's only just right after they marry from the heroine's nearsightedness and blurred vision that she realizes that the hero is the father of their child. It does bug me a little that the child isn't in the book a lot like maybe 20% of the time. Then the hero mentions how he has been tracking her and reveals his true name, that has a lot of power over Europe. I find it a bit boring to the fact that the heroine doesn't try to defend herself against the hero of his accusation of being a ring thief. The hero is kind to the heroine's daughter, but it amazes me that he doesn't give any indication that he might be the father till the end, I mean look at the physical traits of having the same hair and the age of the little girl, adding nine months. Not to mention that the heroine mentioned being a virgin, so the possibility could be very high. The hero and heroine get sucked into passion and it feels like there is nothing between the heroine and hero and yet, the hero buys nice and colorful clothes for the heroine, to which the heroine rejects because she is plain because her stepmother told her. It's ridiculous on how the heroine knows how horrible her stepmother is and yet, she allows the woman's hurtful comments to decide what she should wear. We also learn a very interesting thing that it wasn't the heroine who took the ring, but someone close to the hero. I couldn't believe that the culprit who states that they care about the hero kept the whereabouts of the ring a secret for three years; that's 1095 days to say, "I took the ring,". They should have known that the hero was looking for it. The hero feels regret and I like that the heroine was forgiving to the culprit, giving a good reason why. What I did like, which was the big obstacle in the story was the hero being upfront with what he was going to do instead of letting the heroine figure it out on her own. The heroine all distressed, leaves and the stepmother and sister see again with her words of venom. I liked how the hero came to the defense of the heroine and had her put on a dress and a little bit of makeup to show how beautiful she really is. The mean family leave in a huff. The ending was romantic. I think that one of my favorite parts was the butler reading a story to the daughter.

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like it!!! 4  4

at first i say it was a bit unexpected story. I mean i was guessing how it was all gonna turn around it was unexpected. It was a sweet story and i was in love with the whole thing. It was couldn't get enough of it i read it over and over agin couple of times. I mean i would have wanted a bit more into the detail a bit longer it a bit to short. it seem a bit cut out of the story when it just a bit short. I indeed enjoy it but some how the end seem to be to rush and the the ending seem just all put together. Well what do i know how to write a story but its still wonderful romanic story. hmmm... what else can i say a lovely girl who fell in love and a guy who is stupid for thinking the way his thinking. His just a men they all think in their own version of love and that about it. Explanation forget it hahaha... i can go on and on about the story but ill just SPOIL the whole story its better to go ahead and read it. A thrilling with the whole inheritance how far will you go to protect the things you love.... I do not know how far and desperate will be but it something i guess i cannot put my self into the shoe.

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