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Passion Romance Undone by Her Tender Touch

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Undone by Her Tender Touch

Pippa has been asked to cater her best friend Ashley’s party, complete with celebrities, but her workers bail on her. She somehow overcomes the crisis with Cam’s help, a guest who is infamous for his charm, leading to a passionate one-night stand. As the two get lost in each other, their no-strings-attached agreement takes a drastic turn. Pippa discovers that she is pregnant!

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got off to a good start but then it went downhill kinda 2  2

I rate this manga 2 and 1/2 stars. The beginning was pretty good. However, there are 2 major flaws after the woman main character finds out she is pregnant. The first is I couldn't stand how all of a sudden she became wishy-washy and needy. She kept leaving but also kept giving him more chances. The Guy Main Character was also an issue. He was handsome in the beginning and was very good at telling her exactly what she should and should not expect from him... but they both seemed intent on breaking their own rules in order to cause extra drama between each other. The girl made a bunch of concessions at the beginning but then backtracked on her word as soon as she realized she had the upper hand cause he had baggage and was worried for her and the babies safety. The guy was a jerk when he just left the doctor when they found out it would be a boy. He claimed that because his dead child was a boy too that he wasn't sure if he could love it. which is stupid since he still seemed intent on keeping her around and making sure they were safe regardless of his willingness to use the words at that very moment. The stupid thing is if she would have just let him off the hook about it, he would have likely come around to admitting the love he already felt for her and the child on his own relatively quickly, no extra drama required, but I guess that isn't the way it works in Harlequin books usually. I personally hold more stock on actions than words. The words I love you can be said by anybody weather it's a lie or not. Actions are the only way you can be sure of love. So anyways. that was the first issue. Number 2 was that near the end the translations were missing words in the speech bubbles. I've never had that issue with the harlequin manga I read her, but there were a couple speech bubbles that were missing a couple words. So for not I give it 2 1/2 stars if the speech bubbles are fixed it would go up to a 3 star.

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